Episode #2

December 13, 2021

Digital Titans of Hospitality: Hugo Engel, Digital Executive, LEON

Over the last six months, the pandemic has catalysed digital transformation across the hospitality industry. No one could’ve predicted where the industry would be in 2021. As the dust starts to settle on Covid, operators are now starting to look beyond survival to see how technology can improve their business. We’ve spoken to industry leaders, operators, CIOs and tech experts and explored some of the biggest unanswered questions around digital transformation within hospitality.

Presented by Michael Tingsager

In this episode with Hugo Engel, Digital Executive at LEON Restaurants, we learn how they transformed their business by creating value for customers with personalised experiences through the power of technology and data-led decisions.

Michael and Hugo cover:
– How to use digital ordering capabilities to serve and understand customers better
– How to put digital tools in the hands of the frontline
– How data can transform your customer experience
– How digital learning can improve the onboarding process
– The importance of stopping up and sorting out your tech stack.

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