Marketing & Growth

Create an end-to-end customer journey that maximises revenue for your restaurant and takes your customer experience to the next level.

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It all starts with your food & your menu

Digital ordering doesn’t have to mean clunky, disruptive or off-brand. Everything in Vita Mojo is designed to make your food and brand more irresistible, without the faff.

Beautiful, fully-branded digital ordering

Drive average order value by up to 40% using our image-based menus and intelligent upsell technology.

Consistency across every channel

Give your guests the same experience regardless of the channel they’re browsing on: mobile, kiosks or your own branded delivery service.

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Save time by making menu updates once

Your time is precious, so instead of updating your menus separately on every channel, use Vita Mojo’s master menu to do it once (yes, once!).

The building blocks to creating customers for life

Pair award-winning digital ordering with our suite of Marketing and Growth tools. Spark engagement, nurture life-long loyalty, and increase average order value — all from one platform.


Create discounts for seasonal or one-off marketing campaigns to drive revenues, promote new items and reward your regulars.


Create your own custom loyalty programme to engage existing customers and reach new ones.


Stop second-guessing your customers. Ask them the right questions, at the right time with our feedback tools.

Gift Cards

Add a new revenue stream to your business with gift cards. Easily integrated with your ordering channels.


Grow recurring revenue and encourage regular repeat visits by adding a subscription offering.

Unlock growth with data

Data-driven decision making is the future of hospitality. Monitor order volumes, average order values and retention rates so you can track your growth and make real-time decisions.

Let your tech stack work for you

Vita Mojo integrates with your POS, and other third-party tools in your stack. This saves you serious time (and frustration) from having to log into multiple channels.


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