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Make ordering the next round even easier with Mobile Order and Pay. With customers ordering and paying on their own devices, you’ll be able to operate with a leaner team while processing more orders.

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How can Vita Mojo help my pub?

Make getting the next round easier

Give your customers the freedom to order from their table without having to queue at the bar or wait for staff. Customers who use OPAT tend to order more frequently, spending more on premium drinks.

Solutions to solve your challenges

How can Vita Mojo solve my problems?

You say...

Digital ordering was great during the pandemic, but how can it help my business now? People prefer the personal touch of ordering at the bar or through a real person.

We say...

Consumer trends are shifting with different demographics preferring different ordering methods. Many customers prefer OPAT, as they can order more frequently while avoiding the queue at the bar. Give your customers the choice to order how they want.

You say...

Even if some customers do prefer digital ordering, how will it benefit my business?

We say...

Allowing customers to order digitally increases sales and ATV by making it more convenient to reorder. Give your customers the freedom to browse the menu, so they have more time to view premium, back shelf drinks.

You say...

What does this mean for my business operationally?

We say...

Operating a hybrid model enables staff to focus on running the bar, hosting and offering that friendly pub experience that customers love. Without the need to wait on tables, you’ll be able to operate with a leaner team.

Best-in-class digital ordering

Digital ordering solutions for pubs

We’ve got experience working with both large multi-site and smaller operators. This experience has helped us to understand the pub space, by capturing data and better understanding customers and pub operations.

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Award-winning, fast-food chain I am Doner uses Vita Mojo’s fully integrated system. Omnichannel ordering has reduced operational complexity, improved staffing efficiency, and increased ATV.

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