Centralised menu management

Create and update your menu once and have it go live across all your locations, channels and brands.

POS System
“The time saved from updating our menu just once in Vita Mojo is huge. We can update our menu once and it updates everywhere across all delivery platforms. It’s transformed our labour efficiency.”
Deep Blue Fish & Chips
David Ellis
Chief Operating Officer, Deep Blue Restaurants

Menu management

Whats on the menu?

Say goodbye to the hours of pain and admin managing menus separately across different channels and delivery aggregators. Log in once, make your changes and watch your updates instantly go live across all channels.

Menu Management

Make your menu work for you

Simplify your process to save on time and labour costs.

Effortlessly manage multiple sites and brands.

Scale your business with ease with a solution built to grow with you.

“What sets us apart is our focus on personalisations, and the software really brings this to life. 66% of customers modify their orders and guests love the fact that they are free to play with different options, without feeling rushed.”
Neil Sebba

The power of one system

Use Vita Mojo to take and fulfil orders, manage your restaurant and market your brand, and you’ll be embracing the power of one system.

Forget wasting time switching between providers, or messy and expensive integrations. Thrive with a single solution, instead. See our Order Management System for more.

Vita Mojo Order Management System

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