Catering and Corporate
orders, simplified.

Build and grow digital ordering channels optimised for corporate and catering clients, increase average transaction value and fulfil large orders more efficiently with Vita Mojo.

It’s Vita Mojo, with a side of catering

Corporate orders and catering open up valuable revenue streams for your brand, but can come with operational headaches. The Vita Mojo platform includes advanced features designed specifically to solve these problems, transforming catering chaos into catering calm.

Unlock corporate catering, without the chaos

Be prepared

Use ordering windows and cutoff times to give the kitchen the prep time they need

Save time

Manage corporate menus, availability and reporting in the same, easy-to-use system as the rest of your operations

Simplify ordering

Delight your partners with a dedicated and fully branded corporate catering and ordering channel

Having everything digitised and in one place streamlines everything. It’s convenient, makes operations and reporting much easier. We have never looked back!
Neil Potts
Co-founder, The Vurger Co.

The power of one platform

Use Vita Mojo to take and fulfil orders, manage your restaurant and market your brand, and you’ll be embracing the power of one platform.

Forget wasting time switching between providers, or messy and expensive integrations. Thrive with a single platform, instead. See our full-suite page for more.

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