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From enterprise chains to rising stars, restaurant brands use Vita Mojo to run more efficiently, delight customers and scale their business.

Our Mission

To improve the way the world eats and drinks through transformational technology

Our story

Vita Mojo started life as the UK’s first cashless, fully digital restaurant. That might not seem unusual in a post-COVID world, but back in 2015 it was pretty revolutionary!

Dreamt up and opened by our founders, Nick Popovici and Stefan Catoiu, our QSRs served hungry London City workers for five years, specialising in fully customisable meals. This gave Nick and Stefan the sort of insight into running a restaurant you only get by standing in the kitchen.

The pair spent a lot of time lamenting the lack of proper tech solutions for restaurant problems, and even more time trying to patch together existing products. 

We used our restaurants as live R&D centres to test, refine, and perfect our tech before launching it to other operators. And we haven’t stopped growing since!

"We believe that food and drink are some of life’s magic. We help operators bring that magic to life and unleash their mojo through digital channels and innovation."
Nick Popovici
CEO & co-founder, Vita Mojo

It all started in our restaurants...


We opened our  first Vita Mojo restaurant in St. Pauls, London; the UK’s first cashless, fully digital QSR, with  a fully customisable menu. Break out the bubbly. 🍾


We opened our second site in Spitalfields, London. We wanted to solve the operational problems we faced and used our restaurants to help build, test and refine our new tech solution. 💻


Using our platform, we got our meal preparation down to 45 seconds per dish; not bad for a fully customisable menu. When we opened our third restaurant in the city of London, it felt like time for a big next step…👀


Go, go Vita Mojo! We launched our software and began supporting other operators with their digital transformation. Any bubbly left? 🥂

We also signed our first international client.


Well 2020 happened … but we worked with our partners to help them continue operating, and find new ways to do things in a quickly-changing industry and achieved 7x growth in the process 💪


From Leon to YO! Sushi, Gail’s and Nando’s, we now power the digital ordering technology behind the best food and drink brands across 1000s of locations. We also make the cut as one of the UK’s most flexible companies 🤸


We closed £30million in series B funding, and grew our team of magnificent Mojis by 85% – August 2022 marked our 130th hire 🚀

Cooking up innovation

Who we are and how to join us

Vita Mojo is powered by the spectacular people that work together behind the scenes, lovingly referred to as Mojis. These magnificent Mojis collaborate from all over the world, dedicated to our shared mission.

We’re inspired by change. We’re excited about tech. We’re literally always hungry (you try talking about food all day!) When we aren’t sharing snacks in the office, we’re working from home sharing photos of our furry friends in the dedicated Pet-Pics channel. 

Our people
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