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We are Vita Mojo.

Our purpose:

How do we help?

Vita Mojo’s purpose is to help transform the chaos of order management and deliver calm to kitchens worldwide. 

We do this by providing just one central menu to update, one system to see every order from every channel, and one source for all your sales data. 

This gives scaling hospitality brands the breathing space to expand.


Why should you trust Vita Mojo?

We’ve been there too.

We lived through the burns, sweat and tears that go into building a restaurant brand. In 2015, we opened the UK’s first cashless and cashierless QSR chain, driven by a hunger to create a great restaurant experience.

But there was no guidance to get there, no help to make it possible. There was no solution that offered the control, flexibility and support we needed… so we built it ourselves.

Informed by our founders’ operator experience, we build transformative technology that gives hospitality brands full control of their operations and helps future-proof their business.

And with our expert guidance, we’ll help you adapt to whatever the world throws at your restaurant.

Restaurant Marketer & Innovator Awards 2023
Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2018 Winner
Future Foods Award

United by a deep obsession with restaurants and technology

Dreamt up and opened by our founders, Nick Popovici and Stefan Catoiu, our cashless and cashierless quick-service restaurants (QSRs) served hungry London City workers for five years, specialising in fully customisable meals. This gave Nick and Stefan the sort of insight into running a restaurant you only get by standing in the kitchen.

The pair spent a lot of time lamenting the lack of proper tech solutions and support, and even more time trying to patch together existing products to solve restaurant problems. They realised there could be a much better way.  

We used our restaurants as live R&D centres to test, refine, and perfect our own tech before launching it to other operators. And we haven’t stopped growing since.

Today, Vita Mojo empowers over 150 brands across five countries (including LEON, Subway, YO! and GAIL’s) to streamline order management, improve guest relationships, seamlessly expand across channels, and grow their business. 

"We believe that food and drink are some of life’s magic. We help operators bring that magic to life and unleash their mojo through digital channels and innovation."
Nick Popovici
CEO & co-founder, Vita Mojo

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The people behind the magic

Vita Mojo is powered by the spectacular people that work together behind the scenes, lovingly referred to as Mojis. These magnificent Mojis collaborate from all over the world, dedicated to our shared mission.

We’re inspired by change. We’re excited about tech. We’re literally always hungry (you try talking about food all day!) When we aren’t sharing snacks in the office, we’re working from home sharing photos of our furry friends.

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