The smarter way to run your cafe

Reward loyal customers with integrated digital loyalty and keep them coming back for more. Let your customers order how and what they want with customisations, self-serve Kiosks, Mobile Order & Pay and Click & Collect.

Great coffee, fast service

Streamline your order and pay options

The number of coffee shops has increased dramatically over recent years. Delight your customers and showcase the quality of your coffee with beautiful C&C and OPAT menus. Plus, keep customers coming back with discounts, loyalty options and subscriptions.

Solutions to solve your challenges

How can Vita Mojo solve my problems?

You say...

First and foremost, we have to provide a great customer experience and do so at pace, especially during peak periods.

We say...

Send orders from your customers to your baristas in a matter of moments. Let customers order at their own convenience in store, either using their own device through OPAT or skipping the queue and ordering on kiosks.

You say...

We want to showcase our quality products and ingredients in the best possible light so that customers understand how we’re different and find the products that are right for them.

We say...

Showcase your brand in the best possible light with the huge array of customisation options. The menus are image-based with the ability to add descriptions and allergen, diet and nutritional information, giving your customers all the information they need.

You say...

How can we truly differentiate ourselves from all of the competition and encourage our customers to come back again and again?

We say...

Incentivise repeat purchases with customer rewards and subscriptions. Encourage customers to spend more with upsell, recommendation and extras options. Our loyalty offering is deeply customisable.

Omnichannel ordering

Digital ordering solutions for QSRs

The Vita Mojo Operating System has been built to help you thrive. We’ve got a deep understanding of the coffee shop space and work with leading coffee shops across the UK and Europe.

Using data to create value for customers with personalised experiences

LEON was an early mover in the QSR space, recognising the opportunities of digital ordering even before the pandemic. Their forward-thinking digital approach means they can continue to innovate and deliver a next-level customer and brand experience while building a robust and sustainable restaurant business.

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