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Trusted by 80+ brands across 1000s of locations including Nando's, Brewhouse & Kitchen, YO! and LEON. £100million+ worth of transactions are powered by Vita Mojo every month.

Yo Sushi!
of transactions now with customer and basket-level sales data
How YO! transformed their operations in just six weeks
With their iconic sushi conveyor belts, YO! has been one of the best-loved British restaurant brands since the 90s. As pioneers in the tech-powered restaurant space, it is no surprise that YO! was also an early adopter of digital ordering.
Using data to create value for customers with personalised experiences
LEON was an early mover in the QSR space, recognising the opportunities of digital ordering even before the pandemic. Their forward-thinking digital approach means they can continue to innovate and deliver a next-level customer and brand experience while building a robust and sustainable restaurant business.
increase in C&C customers with Loyalty & Subscriptions
of customers rate their digital experience as great
From concept to launch in just six weeks
When Covid hit, Nando’s faced unexpected challenges, including the government mandate of Order & Pay for dine-in restaurants. Putting the project out to tender, Nando’s needed Vita Mojo to deliver in just six weeks. 
The future of fast casual: smart, efficient, and customisable
When Covid hit, HOP accelerated its digital transformation, building a more robust, and future-proof business model for the restaurants.
increase in ATV
I Am Doner
staff member freed up per shift
I Am Doner
Fast-food chain I am Doner uses Vita Mojo’s fully integrated system tech to create an efficient labour model, reduce operational complexity and increase ATV. Their average order size has increased by 23% across their digital ordering channels and they have freed up one staff member per shift by introducing self-serve kiosks as the main ordering method in their restaurants.
Hospitality magicians
Why do restaurants choose Vita Mojo?
As ex-operators we truly understand what hospitality businesses need. The tech stack we needed didn’t exist so we decided to build our own. We’re constantly innovating to bring the magic of hospitality to life through digital.
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