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Learn how Vita Mojo helps restaurant brands save time, drive efficiency and increase revenue.

I am Doner kiosk setup at their Leeds City Centre store
Deep Blue Restaurants Logo

How Deep Blue transforms labour efficiency and drives ATV growth

Find out how the largest fish & chips chain in the UK has gone from the complexity of managing digital ordering, EPOS, kitchen management and third-party delivery platforms with separate providers to running it all with the Vita Mojo Order Management System.


increase in ATV

I am Doner storefront


staff member freed up per shift

I Am Doner: driving digital adoption and transforming labour models

Fast-food chain I am Doner uses Vita Mojo’s fully integrated Order Management System to create an efficient labour model, reduce operational complexity and increase ATV. Find out how their digital transformation helped them increase their order sizes by 35% while freeing up one staff member per shift.

HOP Logo

The future of fast casual: smart, efficient, and customisable

As HOP Vietnamese accelerated their digital transformation, They reduced kitchen labour by 35% while increasing ATV and throughput by 20%. Learn how Vita Mojo’s Order Management System helped this unique restaurant concept build a more robust, and future-proof business model.

HOP self service kiosks


increase in ATV

How Crepeaffaire increased order value by 49.5%

Working through the night to make menu updates? Not on our watch. Find out how this pioneering crêperie cafe eliminated errors, inefficiencies and overtime with Vita Mojo’s Order Management System.

Crepeaffaire order management system powered by Vita Mojo


higher spend through Mobile Order & Pay vs. POS


of transactions now with customer and basket-level sales data

YO sushi conveyor belt
YO Logo

How YO! transformed their operations in just six weeks

With their iconic sushi conveyor belts, YO! has been one of the best-loved British restaurant brands since the 90s. As pioneers in the tech-powered restaurant space, it is no surprise that YO! was also an early adopter of digital ordering.

Bleecker menu design on mobile


Increase in sides & drinks sales thanks to upsells and basket recommendations

Bleecker Logo

How Bleecker is using intelligent menu design to increase revenue

Home to ‘the best burger in London’, Bleecker’s commitment to serving next-level burgers using the best ingredients has won the brand a cult following. Find out how this operator uses intelligent menu design to boost sales of their highest margin menu items. 

How LEON drove digital ordering adoption to 95%

LEON was an early mover in the QSR space. Their forward-thinking digital approach means they continue to innovate and deliver a next-level customer experiences while building a robust and sustainable business.

LEON storefront


increase in C&C customers with Loyalty & Subscriptions


Increase in year-on-year sales with digital ordering

Boo burger logo

Using tech to streamline operations, increase ATV and fuel international growth

Struggling with inefficient ordering channels and tablet chaos in the kitchen, Boo turned to Vita Mojo to help streamline operations and fuel its growth efficiently across its home – and international – markets.

The future of quick-service: smart, customisable and on-brand

Fully-customisable, made-to-order and masters of digital adoption, Tossed made the move to become fully digital in 2016, making kiosks their main in-store ordering method.

Tossed self service kiosk


increase in Click & Collect ATV

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