Multiple brands under one roof.

Managing multiple brands doesn’t have to be a headache. Thrive with a single system that combines your multi-brand operation in one end-to-end solution.

Multi-brand ordering
Multi-brand system

Multi-brand that delights

Forget mayhem, embrace simplicity.

The Vita Mojo Order Management System is the simple solution: unlock the value of multi-brand, without the inefficiencies.

Multi-brand solutions

A light for dark kitchens

Dark kitchens with multiple brands use the Vita Mojo platform to kick kitchen chaos and operate simpler, happier and smarter.

Virtual brands, virtually perfect

The Vita Mojo solution empowers virtual brands to operate seamlessly from one system, without account hopping and painstaking management.

The power of one system

Use Vita Mojo to take and fulfil orders, manage your restaurant and market your brand, and you’ll be embracing the power of one system.

Forget wasting time switching between providers, or messy and expensive integrations. Thrive with a single solution, instead. See our Order Management System page for more.

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