More orders, less chaos

Boost ATV and throughput, reduce labour costs and free up your team with self-service kiosks, customisable to your brand.

Built for hospitality operators, by hospitality operators.

I am Doner self service kiosk provided by Vita Mojo
LEON self service kiosk provided by Vita Mojo

Boost ATV with smart menus

Self-ordering kiosks upsell more effectively than a human ever could, with relevant basket recommendations, automatic meal deal suggestions and customisations.

Encourage higher spend through vibrant, data-driven menus, automating the upsell process and increasing spend by up to 35%. 

Your kiosks, your brand

Customise your self-service kiosk UI to reflect your beautiful brand at every stage of the order experience, and delight your guests with intuitive, easy-to-use navigation.

Embed your loyalty scheme, allowing customers to earn and redeem loyalty points right at the kiosk.

Neat Burger self service kiosk

Fast. Easy. Self-serve simplicity

An ordering experience that delights

Solve the queue problem

82% of guests find it frustrating having to queue up and wait to be served in a QSR. With self-ordering kiosks in place, they won’t have to.

Give your customers freedom to browse

Self-service kiosks give your guests the opportunity to explore the menu in their own time - including allergens, dietary and nutritional information.

Make the order process effortless

Responsive, intuitive UI combined with bright, image-based menus make ordering from your kiosks a breeze, from first touch to transaction.

LEON self service kiosk

Your guests' favourite way to order

Increased ATV

51% of guests spend more when ordering on a self-service kiosk.

Better experience

63% of guests find it easier to browse the menu on a kiosk.

The future of orders

84% of young people prefer kiosks than face-to-face ordering.

“Self-order kiosks are the future of fast-food restaurants. By making them our main in-store ordering method, it’s freed up labour to the extent that it’s like having one additional employee.”

Transform order management

How do kiosks fit into the end-to-end
Order Management System​?

Vita Mojo Order Management System

Take Orders

Centralise 100% of orders from a range of branded ATV-boosting channels - including third-party delivery - into a single system.

Fulfil Orders

Enable your teams to fulfil more orders by streamlining them with a single Kitchen Management System: more efficiency, less kitchen chaos.

Manage Menus

Save time by building and updating menus across all channels, locations and brands from a central system.

Supercharge Loyalty

Delight and engage your most valuable guests with an omnichannel loyalty scheme that works across all ordering channels.

Unlock Data

Access an unprecedented level of data and reporting from across all channels and location in a central system, empowering you to make data backed business decisions.

👀 Learn how to implement self service kiosks as part of your scalable restaurant strategy 👉

Reduce overhead and streamline your staff’s operation. 

Vita Mojo OMS digital ordering channel self service kiosk
Order Management System