Streamline your dark kitchen

Manage your virtual brands and reduce kitchen chaos with the Vita Mojo Order Management System. Now you can take, manage and fulfil all your orders, across all your channels, on one tablet.

Vita Mojo Dark Kitchens

Reduce kitchen chaos

Take control of all your online orders and channels. We offer a direct to consumer delivery ordering channel, as well as 2-way integrations with Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat. Now you can fulfil all your orders in the same place.

Solutions to solve your challenges

How can Vita Mojo solve my problems?

You say...

We want to centralise order fulfilment through one provider to keep our kitchen operations consistent and simple.

We say...

We integrate with Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat so all your delivery orders can be managed and fulfilled in one system. Our KMS can handle orders from multiple brands and offers printed and paperless flows across one or multiple tablets.

You say...

We don’t want to have to rely on delivery marketplaces for all of our orders and want to be able to connect with our customers directly.

We say...

We offer a direct to consumer delivery channel with extensive branding configuration across one or multiple brands. Built around customisable menu and meal layouts, our delivery channel includes nutrition, allergens and diets display as well as ATV enhancing upsell and recommendations.

You say...

We need it to be simple to manage menus and access reporting across all of these channels through one provider.

We say...

Managing your delivery marketplace and own delivery channels couldn’t be easier. Our platform lets you create, edit and push menus across all channels, in one place. Optimise performance with advanced reporting, and filter by brand and channel for improved visibility.

Easily manage your virtual brands

Digital ordering for dark kitchens

We’ve worked with clients in both the dark kitchen and virtual brand space, from those with an existing proposition to those that are just getting up and running.

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The future of fast casual: smart, efficient, and customisable

When Covid hit, HOP accelerated its digital transformation, building a more robust, and future-proof business model for their restaurants.

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