Restaurant growth powered by end-to-end data

Make data-backed decisions for your restaurant quickly with real-time visual dashboards reflecting your entire operation’s analytics, all in one place. 

Restaurant analytics, made easy.

Vita Mojo restaurant analytics
Vita Mojo restaurant analytics

Turn data into revenue with live centralised analytics

Vita Mojo Analytics equips your operation with visual dashboards reflecting every order channel, location and restaurant brand. 

"Now, we can see whether guests have visited the restaurant before and, if so, how many times. These are really crucial insights, especially in such a dynamically changing landscape like hospitality."
Hugo Engel
LEON Restaurants

Flexible dashboards tailored to your operation

Access multiple bespoke, visual dashboards at the same time, giving you the up-to-date insights you need, when you need them. 

Vita Mojo restaurant analytics

The 360° view of your business

Vita Mojo Analytics is fully embedded into the Order Management System, meaning no more siloed reporting or blocked data. 

Instant access to data, anywhere


Access your data anytime, anywhere

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Catch up on performance on-the-fly


Get the metrics that matter with custom dashboards

“Having everything digitised and in one place streamlines everything. It’s convenient, makes operations and reporting much easier. We have never looked back!”
Neil Potts
Co-founder, The Vurger Co

Transform order management

Take Orders

Centralise 100% of orders from a range of branded ATV-boosting channels - including third-party delivery - into a single system.

Fulfil Orders

Enable your teams to fulfil more orders by streamlining them with a single Kitchen Management System: more efficiency, less kitchen chaos.

Manage Menus

Save time by building and updating menus across all channels, locations and brands from a central system.

Supercharge Loyalty

Delight and engage your most valuable guests with an omnichannel loyalty scheme that works across all ordering channels.

Unlock Data

Access an unprecedented level of data and reporting from across all channels and location in a central system, empowering you to make data backed business decisions.