Take your Virtual Brand to the next level

Simplify your virtual restaurant management and run multiple virtual brands on a single account. We’ll optimise your operations so you can focus on what matters most.

Virtual restaurant management software
Multi-brand system

Award-winning digital ordering tech

Drive revenue

Vita Mojo simplifies your order flow so you can:

Say goodbye to kitchen chaos

Run your kitchen more efficiently

Streamline your process and help your team:

KMS Software
“Having everything digitised and in one place streamlines everything. It’s convenient, makes operations and reporting much easier. We have never looked back!”
The Vurger Co
Neil Potts
The Vurger Co.

The simple solution for seamless operations

Effortless menu management

 Simultaneously edit and update multiple menus and push those changes out to all your delivery channels (including third-party aggregators) in a click!

Restore order in the kitchen

Send orders straight to the kitchen. We automate the flow of third-party orders so you don’t have to worry about manual re-entry, tablet chaos, or pesky mistakes.

Own your brand

Launch and manage your own delivery channel. Let customers order directly from your business and build better customer relationships.

Thrive with a single system

Take control of all your channels. Combine your own delivery and third-party delivery orders into one powerful system for an uninterrupted operational flow.

KDS Integrations

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