Never waste time again

Updating menus and store information driving you and your teams up the wall? In Vita Mojo, all your menus, store information and data sits side by side – working together to save you time and bring you peace of mind.

Menu management without the chaos

Make menu updates in Vita Mojo and push them to your digital ordering channels, POS and third-party delivery marketplaces. 

Kitchen Management System

Manage multiple locations

If your business has multiple locations, you can manage everything directly from your cloud-based Vita Mojo dashboard.

Make more informed business decisions

Ditch gut-feel decision-making in your restaurant and get actionable insights into your operations, sales and customers.

Technology in the hospitality space is evolving at pace and it’s good to find a team that’s innovative and happy to experiment with new features. One of the things I really value from the Vita Mojo partnership is that we can go to them with suggestions and they are always open and receptive.
Neil Sebba, Managing Director

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