Episode #4

January 11, 2022

Digital Titans of Hospitality: Joel Robinson, Digital & Technology Director, Azzurri Group

Over the last six months, the pandemic has catalysed digital transformation across the hospitality industry. No one could’ve predicted where the industry would be in 2021. As the dust starts to settle on Covid, operators are now starting to look beyond survival to see how technology can improve their business. We’ve spoken to industry leaders, operators, CIOs and tech experts and explored some of the biggest unanswered questions around digital transformation within hospitality.

Presented by Michael Tingsager

During this episode, Joel Robinson, Digital & Technology Director at the Azzurri Group explores why you should reflect and revisit your digital transformation journey. The Azzurri Group operates favourite Italian brands, Zizzi, Ask Italian and Coco di Mama.

Michael and Joel cover:

  • The power of having clear digital transformation outcomes 
  • Megatrends in hospitality technology
  • Challenges around implementing technology
  • The role of tech in helping solve the staffing crisis

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