Subway EMEA partners with Vita Mojo to create more efficiencies, help drive traffic and sales

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May 21, 2024

Subway, one of the world’s largest restaurant brands, has committed to rolling out the next phase of its Digital Experience with Vita Mojo.

With over 50 years of operations in the quick-service restaurant space, the global sandwich chain is updating and building on its winning blueprint with future-proof, revenue-boosting technology bespoke to its iconic stores. 

Subway has appointed Vita Mojo to roll out Self-order Kiosks across three markets – the UK, Finland and Germany.

“Europe is leading Subway’s global digital evolution by providing guests with an elevated in-restaurant and online experience and more ways for them to order their favourite subs,” said Carrie Walsh, President of Subway EMEA.

“Early guest feedback on the kiosks has been extremely positive and franchisees across the market are eager to bring the new digital enhancements to their restaurants.”

The announcement comes after an almost three-year process during which Subway searched for the right tech partner to deliver a global self-order kiosk project.

Subway has also implemented Vita Mojo’s Kitchen Management System and Kitchen Display Screens, empowering the kitchen teams to confidently fulfil more orders, and Order Ready Screens to help with the restaurant’s flow. 

With bespoke technology designed to help hospitality brands take control of operations with one system, Vita Mojo provides streamlined tech for over 150 scaling brands including LEON, YO! and GAIL’s.

As Nick Popovici, co-founder and CEO of Vita Mojo, explained, the project’s success has required close collaboration between both partners: “We’re hugely excited to be partnering with Subway and bringing our tech in to help one of the world’s most beloved brands.”

“Subway’s forward-thinking, innovative approach makes them the perfect partner for a project like this. We’ve worked very closely with the Subway team for the whole process, to ensure the tech we’ve built specifically for them fits into their existing tech stack. We’re extremely proud of the results we’re starting to see.”

“It’s game-changing for the team on the ground, too,” said Popovici. “Our Kitchen Management System helps Sandwich Artists fulfil orders more efficiently and accurately, without the stress of long queues or working from multiple tablets and paper checks. Order Ready screens mean customers and delivery drivers also know exactly where to go and when. We’re helping to modernise the Subway experience.”

To find out more on how Vita Mojo can help your brand scale through digital, download our guide to building a restaurant of the future.