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Episode #5

February 15, 2022

Digital Titans of Hospitality: Nick Popovici, co-founder and CEO of Vita Mojo

Over the last six months, the pandemic has catalysed digital transformation across the hospitality industry. No one could've predicted where the industry would be in 2021. As the dust starts to settle on Covid, operators are now starting to look beyond survival to see how technology can improve their business. We've spoken to industry leaders, operators, CIOs and tech experts and explored some of the biggest unanswered questions around digital transformation within hospitality.

Presented by Michael Tingsager
Digital Titans of Hospitality: Nick Popovici, co-founder and CEO of Vita Mojo

During this episode, hear from our very own co-founder and CEO, Nick Popovici. This week, Nick explores the huge opportunity for operators to utilise data and implement digital tools to optimise performance across the business.

Michael and Nick cover:

  • The power of data
  • Who’s leading the way in digital transformation
  • Megatrends in hospitality tech
  • How tech can power back of house as well as customer-facing solutions

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“It’s been remarkable what Order & Pay has done for service. We would have definitely had capacity issues if it wasn’t for the platform.”
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Anita Atkins

Boston Tea Party Cafés

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“Vita Mojo’s powerful digital ordering platform and obsessive approach to client success make them an exceptionally valuable partner for any restaurant brand.”
Hugo Engel

LEON Restaurants

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“The speed of delivery wouldn’t have been possible without an agile approach and close collaboration with Vita Mojo throughout. We launched Order at Table quickly and tested and iterated to refine the experience at an incredible speed.”
Reg Meyer

Nando's, Head of Technology Solutions