Episode #5

July 20, 2020

Coming Back Stronger with Yazz Abdulla

Yazz spills all on dark kitchens, delivery aggregators and the future of hospitality.

Presented by Michael Tingsager

In this episode, Michael talks with Yazz Abdulla, CEO and Founder of Urban Hospitality – a consultancy business that has been focusing on delivery dark kitchen projects over the last couple of years.

Yazz talks about the rise of dark kitchen and delivery, and their impact on the restaurant industry, pre and post-pandemic. We also talk in detail about how to set up and build an outstanding dark kitchen brand and operations, and how the market will move the next 12-18 months.

Yazz gives some stellar advice at the end of the interview.


  • Understanding the structure of the dark kitchen and virtual kitchen
  • It is starting to give sense to set up your own delivery team
  • One needs a portfolio of virtual brands to make the numbers work
  • Dark kitchens are not a quick rich scheme
  • Technology should be part of the toolkit for progressive leaders

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