Episode #4

July 20, 2020

Coming Back Stronger with Rob Kidd

Consultant for brands including GAIL’s Bakery and Pret A Manger, Rob reveals how to streamline and grow your hospitality business in a post-Covid world.

Presented by Michael Tingsager

In this episode, we are joined by our guest Rob Kidd, a management consultant and expert in hospitality technology.

Rob and Michael talk about how tech is changing the hospitality industry, how progressive operators are using tech to survive and thrive during and in the aftermath of the pandemic. Rob also gives a number of great advice points on how to optimise your digital strategies to ensure short and long term ROI.


  • Tech should save you time and money
  • Digital tools (apps, services, devices) are now cheaper, better and easier to use than ever before
  • Understand where you inefficiencies are in your business is key; eliminate inefficiencies before trying to grow sales, so you don’t magnify waste
  • Technology should remove inefficiencies – remove spreadsheets
  • Technology should be part of the toolkit for progressive leaders

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