Episode #2

July 20, 2020

Coming Back Stronger with Peter Backman and Mark McGlinn

Peter and Mark discuss up to 50% of restaurants disappearing post-Covid, and how agility and use of technology will determine which businesses survive.

Presented by Michael Tingsager

In this episode, we put together a strong panel with industry experts Peter Backman and Mark McGlinn to discuss the impact of the pandemic on the industry, what operators are doing to survive and thrive no and in the future, the fast evolution of delivery and digitalisation  as well as some great advice for operators on how to bounce back.

Key takeaways from this episode are:

  • The current impact on the restaurant industry
  • Delivery is changing and third party delivery platforms are losing momentum
  • Remember we are a service business – not just food
  • Technology will be a big part of the future
  • How the future of the industry looks

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