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What we learnt from running a POS-centred restaurant

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Vita Mojo CEO and Co-founder, Nick Popovici, talks through the challenges and limitations of running a hospitality brand using a fragmented, POS-centric tech stack.

Whilst a ‘best of breed’ approach made sense on paper, Vita Mojo soon discovered this approach required additional labour to manage all the different menus across multiple channels, it caused chaos in the kitchen juggling multiple screens, and it ultimately reduced profitability for the brand.

This resulted in Vita Mojo developing its own technology in-house – the Vita Mojo Order Management System – bringing together digital ordering, POS, kitchen management, data & back-of-house reporting into one single system. 

Learn how to implement self service kiosks as part of your scalable restaurant strategy.

Reduce overhead and streamline your staff’s operation. 

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