What is Vita Mojo OS?

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July 29, 2019

Vita Mojo Operating Systems is revolutionising the hospitality industry with a new cloud-based operating system that gives restaurant owners access to the digital platform and intelligence they need to improve profitability and operations in sales, service, and food management.

The new operating system is helping restaurants increase customer satisfaction, customer visits and improve throughput, as well as freeing up time for staff to focus on providing added value to customers. It makes customer’s lives and employee’s lives easier, not only giving the option for customers to personalise food choice but it enables menu discovery, with food and allergy clarity, and digital interaction.

Commenting on the Vita Mojo Operating System, Nick Popovici, CEO and Co-Founder of Vita Mojo says, “We are so excited to be able to help other restaurants transform the way they do business with our software, not only improving customer experience and profitability but also by reducing food waste and overcoming talent shortages.

“We have been developing the operating system in our own restaurants — our live R&D centres — and achieved some amazing results. 92% of our meals are personalised, 45% are pre-ordered online and it takes on average just 45 seconds to make a meal. The system provides an easy, innovative way of communicating between customers, front line staff and management, which increases the overall customer experience considerably.”

Vita Mojo Operating System

Digitalised Front of House

Restaurants have the option to include pre-ordering website/apps, self-serve kiosks and a state-of-the-art Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS) platform.

The digital platform makes it much easier for customers to navigate their way around menus and provides restaurants with the intelligence they need to enhance their offer.

Back of house, fully integrated system

The technology platform links directly to kitchen operations to centralise orders on easy-to-use kitchen display screens and a food assembly system. The system speeds up the customer journey, increases throughput and has built-in capacity management.

Data analytics & forecasting

Real-time analytics powered by artificial intelligence gives restaurants live feedback and information to help improve operations.

This information allows less experienced staff to make more informed decisions and focus on tasks they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do, such as working with suppliers to place food orders and implementing targeted marketing campaigns.

Marketing tools

Customer segmentation, real-time behaviour tracking, valuable feedback, integrated referral and loyalty schemes — all linked seamlessly.

The operating system is currently being used in Vita Mojo restaurants and has been successfully implemented across other restaurant brands, including WOKIT. Richard Martin, CEO and Founder of WOKIT, said, “Vita Mojo has helped me revolutionise my business. The Vita Mojo software is at the forefront of the technological revolution in the retail space, similar to what we saw with Deliveroo, and it is transforming WOKIT in terms of the way we operate.”

About Vita Mojo Operating System

Vita Mojo is a software company revolutionising the hospitality industry. Founded in 2016, by Nick Popovici and Stefan Catoiu, Vita Mojo introduced the first cash-less, cashier-less and digital-only restaurants in the UK and has been using these as research and development centres to continuously improve the software.

Vita Mojo launched its cloud-based operating system to help other restaurant owners, operators and managers transform their customer experience, operations and data.

In addition to operating three Vita Mojo-branded restaurants, the Vita Mojo OS is now being used by clients at over 40 sites across the UK.

Vita Mojo OS is a single integrated platform across Front of House kiosks and EPOS, back of house KDS and capacity management, and live business intelligence dashboards. The system is designed to enhance the customer experience to enable menu discovery, food and allergy clarity, and digital interaction.

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