Webinar: Building a Resilient Restaurant in Tough Times


November 9, 2022

From the price hikes of chicken and cooking oil to the spiralling costs of heating, we don’t need to tell you that the hospitality industry is in crisis. Yet some operators are still seeing incredible expansion. So, what’s their secret?

We’ve teamed up with industry experts, Michael Tingsager (Founder, Hospitality Mavericks) and Peter Backman (Strategic Business Consultant for Foodservice & Delivery), as they share top tips on how to strengthen and grow your brand despite the current industry headwinds.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Diversify your brand with new revenue streams
  • Operate smarter with the staff you have
  • Use technology to its full advantage

Join our webinar 10.11.22 | 11:00 GMT to find out how to fuel your growth now, and in the future. Learnings from leading brands including McDonald’s and LEON.