Technology in the Restaurant Industry? Benefits for Sales & Operations


September 25, 2019

Having an integrated restaurant management system creates an interconnected digital eco-system of self-ordering restaurant kiosks, pre-ordering website/app, an online ordering system and a restaurant EPOS.

Technology in the restaurant industry is only set to become more and more prevalent, so it’s important it works seamlessly to support your restaurant team, operations and the overall customer service experience.

Let’s explore each of these software modules to understand how they work together to bring about an efficient digital transformation to your restaurant.

Restaurant self-ordering kiosk

A self-ordering kiosk for new customers may be their first ever touchpoint with your brand in-store. Hence why it is important that both the design of the restaurant kiosk as well as the user interface experience represent your brand and creates a great first impression.

A well-designed restaurant kiosk creates menu transparency and a personalised experience for your customers. VMOS is designed to bring digital menu transparency increasing brand connection with your customer, reducing anxiety linked to ordering at an EPOS and helping to increase average transaction value.

The Vita Mojo Operating System is designed to on-board new customers by capturing email addresses – providing a digital marketing touchpoint to then promote your restaurant pre-ordering platform.

Restaurant Pre-Ordering System / Restaurant Click & Collect

Restaurant pre-ordering technology (whether via website or app) must be seamless for both back of house operations and the customer experience. A menu flow that is similar to the kiosk user interface makes it feel familiar for customers and further enhances your branding experience.

The key to increasing average transaction value through restaurant pre-ordering can be by establishing the right upsell for the customer at the right point of the customer journey – for example, Vita Mojo’s kiosks helped to increase the Guacamole upsell by 10% within 6 weeks of launch for restaurant owners Chilango.

The data provided via our restaurant analytics system is some of the latest technology in the restaurant industry. As part of the overall restaurant management system, it gives insight into what the right product upsells are to maximise a customer’s ATV.

Restaurant Management System

Whilst restaurant self-ordering kiosks and online pre-ordering systems augment the customer experience, it all needs to be underpinned and supported by a solid back-of-house restaurant management approach to ensure orders are sent out in a timely manner and that the restaurant staff understand how to use the system effectively.

Our KDS management system handles all kiosk, online and EPOS orders through one system in the kitchen to ensure a speedy and accurate order to the customer.

At an above-store level, menus can be managed easily and updated quickly in real-time across kiosk, EPOS and Click & Collect channels.

Your Digital Transformation Journey

A true digital transformation requires a whole ecosystem of EPOS, self-ordering restaurant kiosks, online ordering and a restaurant management system along with other modules to truly drive your business.

At Vita Mojo, we strongly believe in streamlining restaurant operations, supporting the brand engagement between restaurant and customer but ultimately supporting a restaurant’s growth in their profitability.

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