Why restaurant POS solutions are the answer in the food-to-go market


October 21, 2019

Following the launch of our food-to-go (FTG) kiosks at K10 Japanese (with a pre-ordering hybrid of food to go and made to order online) and our experience exhibiting at lunch!, a contemporary food-to-go trade show, it’s about time we talk about the food to go market, the challenges faced and how restaurant POS solutions are the best way to solve them.

The winners will be operators who impress on the core needs of speed, value and quality with opportunities on innovating on emerging trends for ultra convenience. – MCA’s Director of Insight, Steven Gotham

What’s going on in the food-to-go sector?

According to MCA Insight’s research, in 2019 the food-to-go market was worth £21.2b and expected to hit more than £23bn in 2022. The FTG market is outgrowing the total eating out market by 1.2% and with a growing time-pressured workforce, it is becoming an ever-increasingly competitive landscape. Key younger adult consumers want technology-led time-saving solutions. With that in mind, let’s deep dive into K10’s challenges and how our innovative self-ordering kiosks and restaurant POS solutions has helped to overcome them.

K10 – The Challenge

When K10 approached Vita Mojo, their primary challenge was congestion in the flow of customers in their Queen Street store.

When a customer came into the Queen Street K10 for Grab & Go, they would select their items from the fridge and join the queue. The problem was, this same queue was also for customers buying Made to Order items. This meant that Grab & Go customers had to wait far longer to pay than they should, as they queued behind people waiting for their food to be prepared. The result was significant queuing congestion and throughput that was severely limited.

The other challenge was that customers coming at lunchtime, mostly busy office workers, were having to wait in long queues during peak lunch hours while they waited for their Made to Order items.

Vita Mojo POS Solution

We worked with K10 to understand intricately how their current operations flow works and where our technology would benefit to increase throughput and reduce the congestion.

Through a series of ops consultations, we developed a hybrid restaurant POS solution with self-ordering kiosks, which included Grab & Go items from their fridges. This had the instant impact of reducing the queue for their Made to Order customers, allowing throughput to increase.

We then also launched a seamless online pre-order platform for their Made to Order customers to select their pick-up time and skip the queue altogether and reduce their waiting time.

We’re now excited to be soon launching across all five of the K10 restaurants in London with adapted hybrid solutions to serve their time-conscious customers looking for quality food and convenience.

Whether you’re a restaurant, cafe or takeaway owner, we’d love to talk about how we can help improve your outlet’s operations. With a personalised demo, we’ll understand what your goals and challenges are, then we can help transform your business to meet the increasing demands of the market via a bespoke restaurant POS solution!

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