Lunch! With Vita Mojo


September 4, 2019

Coinciding with the launch of our first Grab & Go only self-ordering kiosks at K10’s Queen St site, we arrived at Lunch! 2019 at ExCeL London (the UK’s only exhibition showcasing the latest food, snacks and technology in the food to go sector) to showcase our latest technology suite.

As our first ever exhibition, much detailed planning went into the design of our stand to ensure we would be showcasing in an open environment for visitors to browse around and check out live demos of our clients such as Honi Poke, Chilango, I Am Doner and of course, our very own Vita Mojo restaurants!

At our Lunch! stand, we enjoyed talking to a variety of visitors from independent cafe owners, restaurant groups, contract caterers amongst others on how we partner in various ways with our range of software suite to tackle a variety of challenges that operators face.

Insightful talks

We also wanted to gain more insight from restaurant and coffeeshop leaders in the industry and attended insightful talks from the likes of the MD of GAIL’s Bakery, Marta Pogroszewska at GAIL’s Bakery discuss about the freshness of their ingredients and how they carry out new product development with taste tests!

We heard Pure’s Co-Founder Ed Bentley discussion with Simon Stenning from, taking us on his journey from his time working in bakeries to starting and scaling Pure and the current challenges the business faces with Brexit such as recruitment.

We visited Andy Wells from Press Coffee and Adnan Karim from Wayne’s Coffee in discussion about growing their coffee shop brands and the different journeys they took to scale their business, as well as how they market their products.

Lunch! Innovation Challenge

Vita Mojo entered Lunch!’s Innovation Challenge as the only restaurant tech company with their Dynamic Menus recommendation engine:

“Our state-of-the-art algorithms are able to present hundreds of different personalised menu combinations to customers at the same restaurant – taking into account variables such as stock levels, weather, events and marketing.”

After a day of voting on the Thursday (thank you to all who voted for us!) we went through as a finalist where our Commercial Director Nick Liddle delivered a 90 second pitch on our AI technology.

To find out more about how we can digitally transform your restaurant with the latest in digital ordering technology, contact us via our chatbot or fill out your details on our Contact Us page and we’ll be in touch soon!