How to increase restaurant takings


June 3, 2019

The F&B industry is notoriously volatile. Even brilliant restaurants need to closely monitor profits margins to ensure every opportunity to optimise revenue is being taken.

 There are lots of areas restaurateurs need to examine in order to increase restaurant takings and the best way to do that is with a fully-integrated, digital platform that can offer you the analysis you need to tweak your business practices to increase productivity.

How to increase restaurant average transaction value

Vita Mojo’s software links front of house kiosks/EPOS and back of house operations and provides restaurant managers with live data and analysis. Understanding which of your products are easy upsells, which staff members are effectively upselling and what times of day/week upselling works best mean that you can maximise your ATV.

Vita Mojo case study: One of our clients increased their AVT from £6.58 to £7.25 after implementing our digital platform and acting on the information it provided.

How to increase restaurant throughput

Getting customers in and out of the ordering process as quickly as possible simply means more customers can be served and takings increase. An integrated system which analyses the speed of production of different dishes on your menus, times of day where productivity dips and which staff members are your best performers gives restaurant owners the data they need to improve performance.

Vita Mojo case study: A recent client increased throughput from 175-250 customers served per hour after installing our software into their restaurant.

How to reduce restaurant labour costs

Streamlining staff is an obvious way to increase restaurant profitability, but the trick is to do it in a way which empowers your team and maximises job satisfaction at the same time. A digital system which can help you identify times when you need more, or less, hands on deck, analyse which employees are working most efficiently and which areas of your business have the highest attrition rates can go a long way to reducing your labour costs.

Vita Mojo case study: A current client has reported a reduction from 28%-22% in labour costs since implementing our software.

How to increase restaurant profit margins

There are lots of areas of any food service business that need analysing in order to fully increase restaurant takings . Minimising wastage, monitoring profit dish by dish and the labour required to produce it, keeping a flawless inventory system and maximising customer retention are a few of the ways a restaurant can help increase its profitability.

Vita Mojo case study: A client of ours reported an increase in profit margins from 15-20% after installing our software.

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If you want to increase restaurant takings, a fully-integrated operating system will provide you with the information you need to make changes that will increase profitability. Get in touch with the Vita Mojo team here and discuss how we can help take your business to the next level.