Food Transparency & Allergens: Not a Trend


October 7, 2019

Food transparency is more than just a trend, but rather the new normal to help keep customers happy and differentiate your brand. Below you will find out why food transparency is crucial to allergen safety and how you can incorporate into your restaurant.

So, what is food transparency?

Food transparency is the practice of being open and honest with customers regarding nutritional information, allergens, ingredients and calories.

Why is food transparency important?

Allergen and Health Concerns:

“If you’re one of the millions of people around the world living with a food allergy, chances are you have to think about it every day. In fact, it’s pretty likely you’ve had to pass on a dining experience or two,” said Emilie Boman, Head of Public Policy at Uber Eats.

UberEats has recently launched an app feature that allows people who suffer from food allergies to avoid certain takeaways that are not good for their health. Moreover, KFC in China is maintaining high market share by including new menu items that emerge with new diet and health trends.

Personalised Experience:

“Personalisation is a win-win for the customer and the operator” – Vita  Mojo Co-Founder & CEO, Nick Popovici

Meal personalisation is changing the restaurant industry, helping restaurants stand out from the competition by offering an experience that is tailored to your consumer. By offering personalisation, you are more likely to meet your customer’s needs.

Informed Consumers:

According to Label Insight’s Study, 75% of customers do not trust the way brands are currently providing nutritional information and 94% of consumers want more product information in order to make informed purchase decisions.

Technology has created an expectation and desire for consumer’s to have on-demand, specific information and the ability to acquire food information has not kept up. Brands need to inform customers in order to keep up with customer’s expectations and help build trust.

Incorporating Food Transparency and Allergen Safety in your Restaurant with VMOS Software:

Vita Mojo OS is a single integrated platform across Front of House kiosks, EPOS, back of house KDS, capacity management, and live business intelligence dashboards. The restaurant system is designed to enhance the customer experience to enable menu discovery, food and allergen clarity, and digital interaction.

Here is how VMOS can help with allergen and health concerns while creating a personalised experience and informing customers.

Allergen Concerns:

The Vita Mojo Operating System software has full nutrition and allergen labelling embedded within the system for restaurants that want to bring full menu transparency within a digital space via pre-order or kiosks.

Displaying the nutritional information on a kiosk screen gives the added advantage of making the food feel more personal for the customer as they can filter the menu based on the allergens they avoid.

Personalised Experience:

Our recommendation engine is AI-powered and improves organically over time to each customer meaning that as it collects data over the first few orders, the algorithms only show what is most relevant for that user at the right point in their customer journey – making the customer experience feel truly personalised.

Informed Customers:

Customers want more product information regarding what they eat. Our software empowers customers through meal customisation, so they know exactly what they are ordering.

Honi Poke at Fenchurch recently launched our software to provide their customers with live nutritional information.

37% of consumers surveyed are open to using digital channels to find the information they need and would switch brands in favor of ones providing more detailed product information and are nearly twice as likely to value access to this information through digital labels.

Brands have a huge opportunity to gain market share by providing increased transparency.

By prioritizing full product transparency with allergen and nutritional information, brands have an opportunity to acquire new customers and more importantly, keep them.

If you are interested in improving menu transparency and allergen concerns, please feel free to contact us for a free demo.