Building the Future Together: The Food Talk Show


January 20, 2020

In our modern, fast-paced world, the novelty of new innovations can fade blindingly quickly. One day the freshest tech product on the scene is ground-breaking, stock-raising and trending worldwide on Twitter; mere weeks later that same product has become an invisible part of day-to-day life. In the 21st century cycle of rapid development, a month or two can be long enough to downgrade a life-changing cultural bombshell into just another part of the technological furniture.

In many ways, this is a good thing. A society open to accepting change and innovation is a society that can progress quickly, solve its problems fast and respond to the unexpected. On the other hand, this cycle of progress can become so fast that we not only fail to notice where we are headed, but forget that we have a say in our destination. We don’t stop to realise that these changes are not inevitable, nor predestined, but instead are something that we can actively participate in. The products we consume, the ways in which we invest our time and energy, the companies that we build, the areas we research, these are all extremely significant because they determine the direction that we move in as a society: they literally shape the future.

The Future of Food

So, what does the future of food look like? At Vita Mojo we are doing our best to make it more healthy, more efficient and more personalised – and we think we’re doing a pretty good job. We partner with restaurants to provide a better, more intelligent ordering experience for hundreds-of-thousands of customers, and we’re only just getting started. (Learn more about our products here.) But however successful we may be, we know we are never going to single-handedly create the world that we dream of. 

Through his work with Microsoft, Bill Gates brought about a monumental shift in society, redefining the role that computers play in our lives. But we cannot credit the computer as we know it, and all of its benefits, to Gates’ alone. We only made to this era of radical worldwide connectivity because of him, Steve Jobs, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Mark Zuckerberg and countless other entrepreneurs and innovators. Their disparate and incremental changes to software, hardware, support services, social networks, web infrastructure and everything in between, collaboratively made the convenience and connection we largely take for granted possible. Progress is not a one-man show. The story in the food industry is the same. We need many, many companies working together in order for the purchase and consumption of food to become the best possible experience it can be. 

A Chat with Foodie Founders

Vita Mojo co-founder Nick Popovici recently met with fellow founders Markus Stripf and Helenor Rogers to discuss their respective frontiers in the fight for better food. The goal of Markus’ company, Spoon Guru, is to be the “Google of food”. They enable people to find products for their dietary needs via the free Spoon Guru app. They also work with supermarkets to enable better search results online and in-store. Helenor runs Troo, the vegan, low-sugar, gut-healthy, plastic-free (and delicious!) granola brand, which exists to offer people a better meal option for what their body and values require.

The conversation paints a picture of what the future of food might look like, and how each of these companies is working towards that. Hosted by the lovely Sue, Ollie and Holly of the Food Talk Show, it’s a fun and light-hearted way to spend 45 minutes of your day and learn a little about food, health and AI along the way!

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