The Era of Impatience: Why your Restaurant Needs Click and Collect


February 25, 2020

Timely service has always been an essential in food service – no matter how good it tastes, no-one wants to wait hours for their meal to arrive. As we enter the 2020s, the trend for customers expecting easier, faster ordering experiences continues – could Click and Collect be the solution?

The Era of Impatience

In 2019, NPD found that convenience was the most important thing when it came to food for more than 10% of consumers. As millennials are hitting “peak career and family-formation life stage” the generation of convenience is suddenly the one with the most buying power. We can see this shift reflected in the increased popularity of convenient food ordering channels.

We all know there is no better way to receive food than freshly cooked and delivered to your front door. In spite of the many joys of home delivery, there are many cases in which customers will still opt to collect food in person. When they do, an efficient Click and Collect system can ease the ordering process and make for a faster, smoother and more meaningful experience.

The Many Benefits of Click and Collect

Click and Collect represents an emerging revenue opportunity for the restaurant sector: when done right, it can unlock a host of benefits for both customer and operator. These include:

Less waiting around

Have you ever decided to quickly grab a takeaway on the way home and found yourself queueing for half an hour? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Click and Collect lets customers book a time slot in advance so  that when they turn up their food is good to go.

Save money

Delivering food to individual homes is logistically complicated and expensive, whether done in-house or through a third party. Both restaurants and customers win when delivery costs are taken out of the equation.

Improve footfall

Getting customers physically into a restaurant provides more opportunities for meaningful interactions – far more than just a few clicks on an app. They are more likely to remember the look and feel of your restaurant next time they’re feeling peckish and come for a return visit.

Customer relationships

Digital ordering allows restaurants to build a relationship with customers. It can grow your database and enable personalised recommendations, loyalty and direct marketing.

Increase satisfaction

Click and Collect makes it easier to upsell high margin menu items and added extras that your customer might have forgotten. This means a higher average transaction value and greater customer satisfaction. A win-win.

Make ordering easy

An intuitive digitally ordering interface can make it much easier to explore a menu and personalise orders. This makes for an easier, and more personal ordering experience, with less risk of miscommunication and food waste.

What Makes our Click and Collect Special?

At Vita Mojo, we partner with operators to fully unlock the power of digital for their restaurants – Click and Collect is an essential piece of that puzzle. Our Click and Collect platform, powered by Vita Mojo OS, provides all of the above benefits, plus a few extras:


The consumers of 2020 aren’t just looking for tasty food fast. They want their lunch to be tasty and vegan, high in protein but low in sugar. Oh, and gluten free. It’s a headache for both customer and operator, but it doesn’t have to be.

Display allergen information clearly and simply with Vita Mojo’s transparent digital ordering platform.  We allow complete personalisation of meals – to match the exact calories and macros your customer is looking for – and smart, AI-driven recommendations, to ensure they get the meal that’s right for them. Every time.

Partnering for Insight

Tech solutions are awesome but a Ferrari is no good if you don’t know how to drive it. That’s why the Vita Mojo Client Success team is dedicated to working with you, providing ongoing support to ensure you see the outcomes you want from our software. Our internal data experts can crunch your numbers and provide you with actionable insights for menu planning, digital strategy and even branding.

Work with the Experts

Every part of our tech suite was built and refined in our three London restaurants, which still function as live R&D centres, so we know it works.

In Vita Mojo’s own restaurants around 40% of orders are through Click and Collect, compared to an industry average of just 5%.

We’d love to help you get there too.

Get on top of Digital

Having a sleek Click and Collect system is key to staying competitive in this increasingly tech-driven world. However, it only represents one piece of the puzzle. To get ahead of the curve, operators need to look at bringing digital ordering into their physical restaurants, too.

In addition to bolstering both average transaction value and throughput capacity, in-store digital ordering helps customers to become comfortable engaging digitally with your brand, easing their transition onto Click and Collect. We have seen this firsthand with both our own restaurants and our clients – the classy, Leed kebab chain I am Doner partnered with us to install both kiosks and Click and Collect in late 2019.

After just a few months with Vita Mojo, I am Doner have 58% of their orders coming through digital channels, plus a noticeable increase in ATV of 12%.

Read more about I am Doner’s story here.

Do what works for you

There is no-size-fits-all solution in this industry. We get that. Every restaurant is unique and has its own needs and timelines. For example, kiosks won’t be right for everybody – maybe Order and Pay at Table is a better solution for you? If you choose to partner with Vita Mojo, we will carry out in-depth research and discovery before building a bespoke, on-brand solution to fit your needs.

Check out the sexy User Interface we built for Leon here.
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