Operator Blog: Make the Most Of Vita Mojo OS At Your Restaurant


November 4, 2019

We’ve been talking a lot recently about the high-level benefits of adding the Vita Mojo OS software suite to your restaurant in our blogs and the ways in which it adds value to your sales, marketing and operations. Here we discuss how using our product in your restaurant can create operational value and how to successfully install the software suite.

Check Vita Mojo OS is up and running properly

Ensure that all hardware devices are connected to each other (printers and card readers connected to tablets) and that the tablet is connected to the restaurant Wi-Fi. The speed of Wi-Fi connection is not actually as important as the consistency of the network so we wouldn’t recommend using a public hotspot but rather a private network specifically for VMOS – that way your customer’s journey on the kiosk and your restaurant operations transition smoothly.  

Vita Mojo provide a comprehensive “VMOS2 Set-Up Guide” as part of your implementation and should be your first port of call. If you have any further issues that cannot be resolved by the troubleshooting guide then please e-mail support@vitamojo.com

Daily routine checks

Following on from this, part of your shift set-up should be carrying daily checks (KDS, customer pick-up screens, printers, etc.) to ensure your shift is ready for success – eliminating bottlenecks across the customer journey and your restaurant operations. 

Depending on your operations set-up, review how you can incorporate “VMOS Daily Checks” into your opening shift checklist to support your managers and team members. This could mean adding an extra step in Trail or adding it into your shift routine books. 


Train and engage your restaurant team to become advocates of digital ordering. Getting your team onboard is crucial, making your customers better lovers and improving customer retention. 

Training team members doesn’t end with a single training session at launch however. The restaurant industry experiences a high staff turnover rate so therefore it’s important to make sure that new starters have VMOS training included as part of their onboarding, so that they feel comfortable with the system and that it’s a fully fledged part of your restaurant operations. 

Staff Engagement

Another idea is to nominate part of your team to be “Digital Ordering Champion” (or a DOC for short). You could also include your delivery channels through the aggregators for efficiency. 

The DOC would be responsible for ensuring that online orders are dispatched to customers in a timely and accurate manner. They ensure that the customers are greeted in a friendly manner and, quite importantly, are reminded that they can pre-order their next meal online to save even more time!

Everyone loves a winner

With the VMOS Business Intelligence tool, it’s easy to find data about your restaurant’s performance such as speed, product availability and the ratio of kiosk vs. online orders (bearing in mind that online orders typically have a higher ATV than kiosk orders). 

This data can then be used to set targets for your restaurant team to drive down customer waiting time, improve forecasting (and therefore more efficient at stock ordering) or to drive more customers to your online channel.