Lockdown 2.0: Survival Tips for Hospitality


November 18, 2020

Once again, pubs, bars and restaurants have had to close their doors due to the pandemic. Painful though it is, we have one major advantage this lockdown: we’ve done it before.

Hospitality operators have learned so much since March, and many have made bold steps to innovate and embrace technology, strengthening their businesses to thrive during and beyond the pandemic.

Brands like Leon, Yo! Sushi, Brewhouse & Kitchen, Boston Tea Party and many more are leading the charge with their digital transformation during this challenging period. Here, we share some tips that we hope can help you to face the future with confidence, and ensure your hospitality business is set for growth and survival in the months ahead.

So, here are our top tips for transforming your business for lockdown and beyond.

1. Diversify Your Offering

With these ever-changing government restrictions, it’s not enough to do one thing well any more. It’s time to get creative with how you reach customers and open up some new, lockdown-proof ordering channels.

Click & Collect, Delivery, Ecommerce, cook-it-yourself kits, dark kitchens; these are all ways you can consider expanding your business to diversify your revenue streams and ensure that you can continue operating during the pandemic.

The world isn’t going back to ‘normal’ any time soon – seize this opportunity to explore new avenues and future-proof your business.

Did you know?

Pub group Brewhouse & Kitchen have seen like-for-like sales growth this Autumn from their Order & Pay, Click & Collect, gin tasting experiences, and thriving mini-keg deliveries.

“Vita Mojo is a key partner in our digital transformation, opening up new channels and bringing immediate value to our business” 

Kris Gumbrell – Brewhouse & Kitchen

2. Prop up Sales With Gift Cards

Gift cards are both a great way to generate some advance revenue during lockdown and a perfect gift idea in the lead-up to Christmas. The results can be pretty impressive, like this pub which sold £25,000 of gift cards during one month of lockdown.

We strongly recommend you check out Toggle – they are the industry leaders and can get your digital gift card offering set up in just half an hour.

Plus, customers can now easily redeem Toggle gift cards through any Vita Mojo ordering channel via our new integration. Perfect.

Did you know?

Over 60% of gift card sales happen between Black Friday & Christmas Day – there’s never been a better time to give gift cards a go.

3. The Devil’s in the Data

Keeping your business open is expensive – you can’t afford to be flying blind. By arming yourself with complete data on your operations, sales and customers you can trim the fat for a lean and efficient business.

Data from integrated digital ordering channels helps you easily spot best-sellers and popular combos, and optimise your sales mix. Track the behaviour of your customers, keep in sync with their preferences and deliver the value they are looking for right now.

Improve your margins by making smarter, data-led business decisions.

Did you know?

Boston Tea Party has seen a 20% increase in ATV since they introduced Vita Mojo’s mobile ordering technology with intelligent digital upsells.

4. Connect with Your Customers Online

Lockdown doesn’t mean your customers can’t be reached. It just means you need to connect with them where they are now – online.

The digital consumer wants brands they love to reach out with relevant deals and recommendations. An integrated CRM can automate this process, sending well-timed comms or rewards, and giving the nudge on a repeat visit or order. This helps customers stay engaged and loyal to your brand during the pandemic and beyond.

Did you know?

Leon successfully recruited an additional 6000 members to the Leon Club in September with their new coffee subscription, powered by Vita Mojo.

Vita Mojo is the digital partner for ambitious operators. Our technology platform is powering the transformation of leading restaurants, pubs, bars and cafés including Leon, Yo Sushi, Brewhouse & Kitchen.

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