Smart, Efficient & Customisable. Why HOP 2.0 is the Future of Fast Casual


January 15, 2021

Paul Hopper started HOP Vietnamese in 2015, seeking to bring the fresh, vibrant street food of Vietnam to the time-poor professionals of London. By 2020 the business was thriving, with five sites throughout the city offering Click & Collect powered by Vita Mojo.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit HOP, like all UK businesses, faced harsh lockdown restrictions and major uncertainty for the future. However, they also faced an opportunity. The pandemic crisis enabled HOP to accelerate their digital transformation and build a more robust, and future-proof business model for their restaurants.

The new HOP concept, known as HOP 2.0, incorporates the full Vita Mojo tech suite for greater operational efficiency and reduced running costs. It also improves HOP’s customer experience with increased customisation and convenience.

Man wearing a mask ordering using a digital self service kiosk in a HOP restaurant

The HOP 2.0 model is centred around digital ordering via Click & Collect and self-serve Kiosks – these channels increase convenience for both customers and staff, reducing wait-times and labour requirements compared to EPOS. They also directly boost revenue.

HOP’s digital ordering platform has resulted in an increased of 15-20% in average spend, thanks to intelligent menu design and upsells. Around 30% of HOP customers are now opting to order ahead, compared to just 3% pre-pandemic and HOP’s transformation has allowed them to keep pace with this shift in customer behaviour.

Behind the scenes, HOP staff now use Vita Mojo’s kitchen display screens to manage orders from multiple channels in a single, intelligently prioritised view. Combined with moving to a streamlined, build-to-order approach, this has enabled HOP to reduce kitchen labour by 25%.

The Vita Mojo platform is optimised for customisation. HOP has taken full advantage of this by offering a wide range of add-ons and impulse lines, as well as introducing “build your own” options across their menu. As a result, 40% of orders have been customised since the HOP 2.0 model was introduced, further driving up ATV.

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 17.10.51

“Vita Mojo’s innovative technology enabled us to reimagine HOP with lower running costs, higher ATV, and unrivalled customisation for our customers. This is the restaurant model of the future. It’s a real win win.”

Paul Hopper, MD and Founder of HOP


How HOP reimagined its business for the future:

  • 30% of HOP’s customers now order ahead
    By digitising the ordering process customers can order in advance and choose a specific time slot for collection. This enables the kitchen to better manage capacity and customers to collect their food quickly, easily and safely.
  • Over 40% of HOP’s orders are now customised
    Using Vita Mojo’s customised functionality to add a “build your own” option,  HOP customers can now customise menu options to their personal tastes, driving ATV up. 
  • Reduced kitchen labour by 25%
    HOP has streamlined kitchen prep, transitioning from a hot-hold model to build-to-order. Using Vita Mojo’s kitchen display screens enables this new approach and drives increased efficiency.
  • Increased ATV by 20%
    HOP redesigned its digital menu to include more optional add-ons and impulse lines to take full advantage of Vita Mojo’s smart upsells functionality.
  • Empowered the business with data
    By creating an integrated data ecosystem, HOP now has more business intelligence and customer insights which inform their menu strategy and marketing efforts.

HOP order flow screenshots

Covid-19 has massively accelerated the shift towards personalised, convenient digital ordering experiences and by boldly embracing digital transformation with Vita Mojo, HOP has prepared its business to thrive in these new market conditions. The HOP team believes that HOP 2.0 is not just the future of their business, but the future of hospitality as a whole. 

With higher profit margins; a sleeker, speedier customer experience; and the same, irresistible Vietnamese food, when footfall finally returns to the streets of London, HOP will be coming into the ‘new normal’ way ahead of the game.


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