Global Food and Drink Trends for 2030


December 9, 2019

Consumers will further prioritise plants in their diets, considering the planet’s health in mind as much as their own. Consumption of animal products will decrease and carnivores and flexitarians will want to have more transparency about the animal products they consume.

Key Insights from Mintel’s 2030 Global Food and Drink Trends

Healthy Diets Make a Healthy Planet

Conscious consumption habits will inspire more people to consider the environmental and ethical impacts of their diets.

Smart Diets

Join the Personalisation Revolution

Technology will allow consumers to construct hyper-individualised approaches to health. Through 2030, more consumers will understand what makes them and their biological needs unique through more widespread access to tests and data collecting technology. Consumers will look to companies to help them act on their data and to offer customised meals.

Sync With Technology

Consumers will continue to share personal data with a multitude of devices. They will want the convenience of recommended shopping lists, recipes, and meals that are customised to their flavour, taste, and texture preferences.

In order to keep up with global food and drink trends and consumer demands in the coming years, here are a few tips to help your restaurant prepare and prosper in the new decade.

Genetics and Customised Meals

In the UK, Vita Mojo was the first foodservice chain to give customers nutritional guidance based on their genetics.

Vita Mojo is partnered with DNAFit who offer tests to reveal the unique nutrogenic profile of individual customers. Vita Mojo OS allows these results to be linked to customer accounts and integrates it into the UX where foods that are more beneficial to them are highlighted. These nudges are great for customers trying to make better food choices or if they are aiming to stick to a diet which will benefit them most.

Restaurant Technology

With consumer’s demands of personalisation on the rise, restaurant’s should aim to adjust to these new preferences. Vita Mojo UI is perfect for creating bespoke, made to order meals, while showcasing your brand as seen at our partner’s Yo! Sushi & Chilango and our own restaurants

Food Transparency

Vita Mojo OS has full nutrition and allergen labelling embedded within the system for restaurants that want to bring full menu transparency within a digital space via pre-order or kiosks. Displaying the nutritional information on a personal screen gives the added advantage of making the food feel more personal for the customer as they can filter the menu based on the specific allergens or diets.

Learn how Vita Mojo OS can help transform your restaurant in light of the shifts of consumer needs and demands – book your free demo today!