I am Doner x Vita Mojo


March 2, 2020

I am Doner is the award-winning chain starting a kebab revolution from a small takeaway shop in Headingley. In the 18 months since they started trading, they have seen immense success, growing to three sites throughout the Leeds region, and successfully redefining the kebab from go-to meal for the intoxicated to sophisticated lunch for sober foodies.

“Vita Mojo are a pleasure to work with!”

Paul Baron, Director

Eager to stay ahead of the curve, founder Paul Baron partnered with Vita Mojo OS in 2019 to kickstart the company’s digital revolution. He opted for our fully integrated system (EPOS, pre-order, kiosks & kitchen display screens) in order to improve operations, increase ATV and throughput, and allow I am Doner to collect concrete, actionable data on the trends and preferences of their customers. Just three months into the partnership, these benefits were already being tangibly realised.

Digital Ordering via Kiosks and Online  

Before partnering with Vita Mojo, I am Doner relied wholly on their tills and a simple website for processing orders. Installing kiosks and intelligent, integrated online pre-ordering has transformed their offering into a modern, omnichannel system. 

Effective use of digital ordering channels significantly increases both throughput capacity and ease of transaction for customers. I am Doner has already seen impressive uptake of its new channels, with 58% of orders now split between kiosk and online, reflecting the positive customer experience that they provide. 

Prior to installation, Paul had some uncertainty whether his customers would engage with in-store digital ordering. However, he has found that customers are quickly switching over, and responding positively to the convenience and efficiency of the kiosks. In December 2019 I am Doner saw an average of 1,343 kiosk orders per week, or 49% of all orders, across all three sites. This has particularly been the case in the chain’s newest site in the heart of Leeds, where a huge 82% of customers order on the kiosk, compared to just 18% who order on the till.

A Customised Customer Journey

I am Doner offers a huge range of product variation and customisation, with a total of 120 different ingredients used in their kebabs. They have ten items of salad, feta cheese, homemade bread, homemade sauces and the highest quality meats. Through working with Vita Mojo OS, I am Doner has been able to unlock the full potential of their diverse menu offering, using technology to enable easier menu discovery and create an intuitive, personalised ordering experience for their customers. 

Digital Upselling Potential

As with any business-owner, Paul’s primary concern has to be his bottom line. That’s why for him, one of the most compelling benefits of the Vita Mojo system was the increase in ATV that it creates. Since the addition of Vita Mojo OS, orders at I am Doner have seen an increase in average spend of around 12%, with click & collect orders noticeably higher on average  (£17.65), than till transactions (£12.15). This boost in average spend part results in part from Vita Mojo’s smart upselling functionality. 50-60% of upsells at I am Doner occur on Kiosk and Click & Collect orders, compared to just 10% on the till. 

As an innovative technology, Vita Mojo OS can only realise its full potential once customers have had time to adapt their buying habits. However, this case study shows that a mere three months in, I am Doner are already reaping significant rewards from embrace tech in their restaurants: higher ATV, greater throughput capacity and a totally customisable menu, to better meet their customer’s needs.

“Self-order kiosks are the future of fast food restaurants, and Vita Mojo provides a great,  affordable and smart-looking system.”

Paul Baron