DF TACOS Takes Back Control with Vita Mojo’s Order Management System

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June 4, 2021

DF TACOS is the fun, friendly, fast-casual Mexican brand from the passionate minds behind Wahaca. Named after the Distrito Federal, AKA Mexico City, DF is a forward-thinking hospitality business with a love for innovation and top-notch guacamole.

DF TACOS was early to adopt digital ordering. Their first mobile Order & Pay solution worked well for customers but was a headache to manage. Now, using Vita Mojo’s Order Management System – including Point of Sale (POS) and Kitchen Management System (KMS) – DF is delivering a seamless ordering experience for their customers while giving control back to their staff.

“With past tech providers we’ve experienced either empty promises or just a ‘no’ to comments and suggestions. With Vita Mojo there’s a real openness and honesty about what is and isn’t possible – it’s a collaborative partnership where we can grow together.”

Hannah Kennedy, Head of DF

The Challenge for DF TACOS

DF TACOS were early movers in the digital space, introducing kiosks to their restaurants back in 2019. When the pandemic hit, DF moved to Mobile Order & Pay with the same tech provider. Their Order & Pay solution was pretty good: the digital menu looked nice, the user experience was intuitive, and, from a customer-facing perspective, the technology seemed to be doing a great job.

Behind the scenes, this ordering system became frustrating and time-consuming for DF TACOS to manage. Whenever the DF team spotted an error, they knew it would be a headache to solve. Simple requests would get passed from their POS provider, to their digital order partner, with no-one willing to take responsibility. The DF team knew they could do better.


Following their rebrand from DF / Mexico, it was vital for DF TACOS that all customer-facing systems clearly reflected their brand identity. This meant digital ordering that was easy to customise and update, but DF were having to repeat every menu change in two or three different systems, and rely on external developers for stylistic adjustments.

DF TACOS needed a new digital ordering system – one that would be easier to manage. They needed robust technology and transparent communications. It was time for the DF team to get back in control of their restaurant operations with a digital partner they could trust.

The Solution – the Vita Mojo Order Management System

In 2020, DF TACOS made the decision to abandon their existing tech stack and adopt the Vita Mojo Order Management System – replacing their separate POS, KDS and digital ordering systems with a single, unified solution. This enabled DF to bring simplicity and stability to their Back of House, operating with technology that is designed to work together seamlessly.

Since switching to a single Order Management System, DF TACOS’ day-to-day operations are more standardised and efficient. Self-serve management tools allow the DF team to edit menus, create discounts, issue refunds, review sales data and more, all in one place. Centralised menu management pushes any changes across all of DF’s channels – including Order & Pay, Click & Collect and third-party delivery through Deliveroo – for quick and easy menu updates.

DF mobile mockups 2

Vita Mojo’s mobile ordering system puts DF TACOS’ brand centre-stage, with their distinctive look and feel, and vibrant food imagery throughout. Under the hood, the Vita Mojo menu is fully customisable to the needs of the DF brand, with special events like 2 for 1 Mex Mondays supported through versatile menu functionality. This ensures that the DF team can deliver the best, most seamless experience for their customers, every time.

df tacos team-1

With The Order Management System, DF TACOS can now collect sales and customer data from across all of their channels, and access these easily through reliable, automated reports.

Integrated with their CRM provider, Airship, this is giving DF valuable insights into their customer habits, marketing impact and sales trends, and helping them unlock greater profitability for their restaurants.


With the Vita Mojo Order Management System, DF TACOS is taking back control of their restaurant operations. Without the stress of managing complex and unreliable technology, the DF management team can focus on what they love most – making delicious Mexican food, building their business, and delighting their customers.

We are so excited to keep collaborating with the DF team, exploring new opportunities to develop and grow the DF TACOS brand with smart, unified restaurant technology.

The Benefits of the Vita Mojo and DF TACOS partnership

  • DF TACOS has regained control of their restaurant operations
  • DF’s menu management, data reporting and order fulfilment are now centralised in a single system
  • Menu updates are simpler than ever, with menu changes easily pushed across Order & Pay, Click & Collect and Deliveroo
  • DF TACOS has elevated its brand with a fully customised menu look and feel to match its new brand
  • The DF team can deliver consistently seamless customer experiences, every time
  • Staff confusion and errors have been reduced with an efficient and streamlined Back of House
  • The DF team is able to explore new ways to transform their business with technology