Why You Should Be Thinking About Restaurant Analytics Systems


November 11, 2019

Customers are the most important aspect of any business and utilising data is key to helping better understand consumer habits and target marketing strategies.

How Vita Mojo Restaurants have used data to understand our customers through our restaurant analytics systems

By leveraging data collected by our restaurant analytics system, the customer insights that are drawn can be converted into profit. Vita Mojo has acquired a large amount of data through digital ordering and maximising our online sales (30-40% of our total sales). Vitally, the data our POS software gathers for the restaurant analytics systems is only ever used responsibly and always for the benefit of our customers.

So, to get you thinking we’ve put together a few of the ways we apply data gathered by the Vita Mojo Operating System to customer experience at our restaurants:

Menu Development

During the menu change process, we analysed data collected by our restaurant analytics system to inform the changes we make via our menu management system. Looking for trends in customer preferences as well as analysing the most popular items and macros, we can cultivate menu options and suggest meals perfectly tailored to each customer. This level of granular data can be extremely valuable however, it can also throw up unexpected challenges. For example:

    • One food item was very popular with our regular and loyal diners but featured lowly on our best seller list.
    • Another food item was a good seller, but we found that if a new customer chose it, there was an increased likelihood they wouldn’t return.
Big Data and the Recommendation Engine

We collect data based on the most popular combination of foods which informs our recommendation engine. Through big data collected by the restaurant analytics system, we help customers make better decisions about what they eat.

    • We review data to explore the most popular food combinations; chicken thighs, sweet potato mash and broccoli are all regularly in the top 3!
    • By recognising the most popular combinations, customers are likely to create a more satisfying meal.
Personalisation via our Restaurant Analytics System

Personalisation is key to building long-term customer loyalty. Our restaurant analytics system allows personalised offers to be created for each customer based on their purchase history.

Building Better Relationships with Customers

Information such as purchasing habits are used to inform loyal customers about menu changes and restaurant news. We use our customers eating habits to tailor a better dining experience for them including:

    • Special promotions for our most loyal customers or actively promoting new menu items that will appeal to specific customers.
    • Recently we brought salmon back on the menu after two years and let our best salmon customers know it was back on the menu!
RFM Model

We identify Vita Mojo power-users by analysing insights like how recently a customer has purchased, how often they purchase, and how much the customer spends.

    • We segment our customers according to frequency of visit.
    • Tracking over time provides an accurate understanding into how we are performing, which in turn can inform our strategies for customer acquisition and restaurant customer retention.
    • Our marketing focus can shift depending on what our restaurant analytics system recognises as more important to focus on

Data collected by our restaurant POS program lets us track the performance of the stores and review customer ratings in real time.

    • Our restaurant loyalty system is linked to our feedback mechanism so customers are encouraged to give us feedback on their meals and experience
    • Our feedback data points increased from 35 to 350 a week overnight when first launched
    • We are able to react immediately to any issues that arise across our restaurants
Preference for Regular Customers

Vita Mojo OS allows us to build great bonds with our regular customers. By using data to help recognise who they are, it also lets us offer targeted promotional offers and loyalty rewards.


If you want even more on how data can transform quick service restaurants and food outlets, check out our case study on our client WOKIT as the restaurant of the future. Or if podcasts are more your thing, you can listen to this episode of the Hospitality Mavericks with Vita Mojo CEO Nick Popovici all about the increasing digitisation of restaurants.