Come Back Strong Masterclass: The Power of Data to Transform Your Operations


April 16, 2021

Data brings a whole range of opportunities, from personalised marketing to strategic menu planning. The boom in hospitality tech has made data more available, but few operators have the time and resource needed to explore its potential. Gathering and analysing data from multiple systems is complicated, and it can be hard to know where to begin.

In this #ComeBackStrong Masterclass, Nick Liddle and Robert Pendray on the transformational power of data for operators to drive growth, cut costs and understand their customers better.

Nick and Rob break the data challenge down into four easy steps, and illustrate these with real life examples from our partnerships with LEON, YO! and Boston Tea Party.

The Four Step Plan to Data Success:

1. Audit your current data
What are you collecting? What are you missing?
2. Make it accessible
Get your data in reports you can easily, regularly access.
3. Draw insights
What is your data telling you? Answer your top questions.
4. Drive action
Put your data to the test. Take action and track results.

Learn more about the four step plan in the webinar recording, as well as the value of good integrations, how to choose the  right technology partners for data success, and why it’s worth digging a bit deeper into why certain items might be selling more than others and how to action insight like these.

This Masterclass was hosted by our Commercial Director, Nick Liddle and Head of Product, Robert Pendray as part of Airship and Toggle’s #ComeBackStrong campaign.

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