I am Doner: transforming their labour model and increasing ATV through digital

Casual Dining & Quick-Service, Digital Ordering

March 24, 2022

Fast-food chain I am Doner uses Vita Mojo’s fully integrated system to create an efficient labour model, reduce operational complexity and increase ATV.  Their average order value has increased by 23% across their digital ordering channels and they have freed up one staff member per shift by introducing self-serve kiosks as the main ordering method in their restaurants.

Key takeaways

  • 1 staff member freed up per shift 
  • 99% of orders now taken digitally
  • 23% increase in ATV across I am Doner’s digital ordering channels 
  • 4 hours saved per day thanks to two-way integration with Just Eat 

About I am Doner 

I am Doner is the award-winning chain who started a kebab revolution from a small takeaway shop in Leeds. Since opening their doors in 2016, they have expanded to three sites in Leeds and Harrogate and are taking the revolution global with the launch of further sites in Dubai in 2022. 

Eager to stay ahead of the curve, founder Paul Baron switched from his old POS provider and partnered with Vita Mojo in 2019 to kickstart the company’s digital transformation. Previously, they relied on taking orders solely from their POS and from their own website. They also had to manually enter all Just Eat orders into a POS. Installing kiosks and an online ordering system that integrates directly with Just Eat has transformed their offering into a modern, omnichannel system. 


Using kiosks to create a smarter, more efficient labour model

Before partnering with Vita Mojo, I am Doner took on-premise orders exclusively through their POS. As well as being labour-intensive, it meant that they weren’t catering to the large number of customers who prefer a more autonomous and visual ordering experience. 

I am Doner revolutionised their front-of-house labour model by installing kiosks as the primary on-premise ordering method and opting to go completely cashless. Before installation, they had some uncertainty whether customers would engage with in-store digital ordering, but they found that the majority of customers love the convenience and efficiency of the kiosks.

Key results:

  • 99% of on-premise orders are now made through kiosks, which has allowed staff to focus on what truly matters – making great food and offering a great human-led customer experience.

Bridie Fox, Operations Director at I am Doner, said “self-order kiosks are the future of fast food restaurants. By making them our main in-store ordering method, it’s freed up labour to the extent that it’s like having one additional employee. During service, we can focus more on customer service and supporting the kitchen team. Out of service, we can keep on top of cleanliness and compliance and it has cut our close-down from two hours to just one.”


Improving order accuracy and efficiency with third-party delivery app integrations 

Just Eat orders had to be inputted manually into the POS which was time-consuming and led to order errors and inaccuracies. Just Eat counts for over 40% of I am Doner’s orders, so this was a significant problem to solve. A lot of steps, a lot of processes, a lot of time.

Vita Mojo’s native integration with Just Eat allows orders to flow directly to the POS, without any investment of labour from the I am Doner team. They can manage their online orders from a single platform and enable staff to focus their efforts on providing high quality food, drink and service.

Key results:

  • 4 hours saved per day
  • Significant uplift in staff happiness and wellbeing as a result of more streamlined operations

Bridie Fox, said “To say that integrating with Just Eat has been a game changer for us would be a huge understatement. Before the integration, processing Just Eat was incredibly manual and labour-intensive. We now have a single system to fulfil orders and the time we save is put to better use by fulfilling orders faster and to a consistently high standard.”


Increasing Average Order Value through Kiosks and Click & Collect 

I am Doner had seen other innovative restaurant brands use digital ordering to increase average order value. That’s why one of the most compelling benefits of the Vita Mojo system was its potential to increase both ATV and throughput capacity. 

Kiosks are now the chief in-store ordering method and customers can place orders in advance using Click & Collect. I am Doner’s strong and colourful brand is front and centre, and they use upsells and meal deals throughout the customer journey to tempt their customers to try more of the menu.

Key results:

  • Thanks to Vita Mojo’s smart upselling functionality, orders at I am Doner have seen an increase in average spend, with ATV up by 43% for Click & Collect orders and by 9.5% for kiosk orders.
  • Never standing still, I am Doner is continuously optimising its menu and unlocking further sustained ATV growth. Recent menu adjustments increased sales of their meal deal sales of the Doner Berlin and Chicken Doner Berlin from 3% to 40% in just one month.

Bridie Fox said “Digital ordering has transformed our business. Since we installed kiosks and introduced Click & Collect, the average order size is up 23%. That equates to another £323,000 per year when we’re at full capacity.”

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