How Brewhouse & Kitchen Boosted Spend by 30% During the Pandemic


October 23, 2020

With 23 sites across the UK, Brewhouse & Kitchen is officially the largest brewpub group in Britain, but stop for a pint in one and you’d never guess. They combine all the warmth of the Great British Local with the excellence and innovation of a leading national brand.

Challenge and opportunity: pub technology in the pandemic

In the wake of the 2020 Covid-19 crisis, UK pubs were amongst the hardest hit. But the Brewhouse & Kitchen team, headed by CEO Kris Gumbrell, weren’t discouraged by the challenges. Instead, they focused on what they could control, looked at how behaviour was changing and planned how they could adapt to meet customers’ needs.

Brewhouse & Kitchen needed a mobile Order & Pay platform. Rather than a cheap, short-term fix, they sought out a technology partner they could partner with to deliver value across multiple channels both during the pandemic and beyond.

They decided to work with Vita Mojo. By tapping into our experience with leading QSR and casual dining operators, Brewhouse pioneered a whole new digital approach for pubs. They successfully adapted their business to keep trading during the pandemic, while increasing their average spend per head by almost 30%.

How Order & Pay boosted average spend by 30%

Vita Mojo’s simple, interactive interface makes it easier for Brewhouse & Kitchen customers to explore the pub’s full menu offering. This means that more expensive drink options (e.g. beer by the Stein or the nine-pint Triton) are more visible in those critical decision-making moments. The result? These are now ordered with far greater regularity, boosting sales revenue.

Behind the scenes, Vita Mojo’s digital ordering platform is helping Brewhouse & Kitchen to run with efficiency and easy. The Vita Mojo system is hugely customisable – allowing managers to adjust menus and pricing by region, channel, site or day-part – and integrates with Polaris EPOS, for easy order management.

“Vita Mojo is a key partner in our digital transformation, opening up new channels and bringing immediate value to our business” 

Kris Gumbrell – CEO of Brewhouse & Kitchen

Brewhouse & Kitchen and Vita Mojo: a win-win partnership

Brewhouse & Kitchen are achieving the efficiency, differentiation and flexibility their pubs need to flourish in a post-pandemic world. Their partnership with Vita Mojo has given them the confidence to explore new digital channels, and helped them find new sources of revenue in these challenging financial times.

In return, feedback from the Brewhouse team has been invaluable for Vita Mojo – helping us learn more about pub operations, and contributing to key developments in our product offering, including our new promo banners and instant reorder features.

As Brewhouse & Kitchen continues to grow and evolve, our relationship also continues to deepen. Brewhouse is now rolling out Vita Mojo Click & Collect and our digital loyalty programme.

Vita Mojo will continue to work closely with the Brewhouse team, to help refine their tech ecosystem, improve their customer experience and enrich their brand offering with the best in pub technology.

Partnership Summary
  • 30% increase in ATV on Order & Pay
  • Customers are spending more and choosing more novelty drinks
  • Ordering channels provide rich sales data and insights
  • Order & Pay and Click & Collect are seamlessly integrated with Polaris EPOS
  • Ongoing collaboration to develop new features e.g. promo banners and instant reorder

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