Introducing the Vita Mojo Operating System

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October 18, 2022

Ready to share some bubbly? 

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Vita Mojo Operating System!

For five years, we’ve been helping some of the biggest names in hospitality to run more efficiently with tech.

In this time, we’ve evolved our suite of products to help operators grow their revenue and launch new channels, get rid of kitchen chaos, and simplify their operations.

Now we’re taking the next big step by launching the first comprehensive digital platform in Europe to combine order taking, fulfilment and operations into a single system. We’ve called it the Vita Mojo Operating System and it’s here to help your business thrive.

The future of hospitality tech

Tech chaos? There's a better way

“Digital has revolutionised the way that operators run their restaurants. But operators are waking up to the fact that there is more to long-term success than just ‘doing digital’; the challenge is doing digital right."

Harnessing technology has never been more important for hospitality businesses than right now. The companies that can streamline their labour model, increase average transaction values and boost customer loyalty are the ones who will win.

The problem with the current state of tech? When digitising over the pandemic, operators had to make do with DIY tech stacks, made up of separate providers for critical parts of your operation like your POS, digital ordering channels, kitchen management and
third-party delivery integrations in one powerful system.

Many restaurants are now discovering that their tech stacks have become a Frankenstein-like mess of different providers.

As the industry faces serious headwinds including a labour shortage and cost of living crisis, the last thing operators need is a fragmented tech stack causing havoc and draining time and resources.

Enter The Vita Mojo Operating System. A unified platform combining the critical processes of running a restaurant – helping operators to run more efficiently, increase revenue, and save valuable time.

What's included in the Vita Mojo Operating System?

  • Ordering channels:

Branded digital ordering channels including Kiosks, Click & Collect, Mobile Order & Pay, with a fully integrated POS, proven to increase ATV by up to 35%. 

  • Delivery Hub:

One place for operators to manage orders and menus for their own delivery channels and third-party delivery platforms like Just Eat and Deliveroo. No more multi-tablet confusion, double entry and order errors.

  • Kitchen Management System:

An integrated Kitchen Management System that’s integrated with all ordering channels, helping the kitchen team reduce prep time down to as little as 45 seconds per meal by managing all orders in one system.

  • Operations Hub:

A central hub to update menus and opening hours across multiple platforms and sites in one click, and analyse sales and optimise operating performance in real-time. 

  • Marketing & Growth:

A range of tools to help increase repeat visits and lifetime value with loyalty, discounts, feedback and subscriptions.

"Frankenstein-like tech stacks are no longer fit for purpose. They require significant manual work to manage, creating a frustrating time sink.

The Vita Mojo Operating System puts the power in operator’s hands to change their business model and unlock new revenue and value-producing activity.

Embracing this sort of change and innovation will set brands up to not only get through the tough times, but to experience growth now and into the future. It will change the game.” 

Vita Mojo founders Nick & Stefan
Co-founders Nick Popovici and Stefan Catoiu

Customer examples: Getting started with the Vita Mojo Operating System

We spoke to three brands about their experience using the Vita Mojo Operating System, focusing on how it’s helped them solve some of their most significant operational challenges.

Hours of manual tasks saved instantly with I am Doner​

“Managing our delivery partners was incredibly manual and labour-intensive. We now have a single system to take and fulfil orders and the time we save is put to better use by fulfilling orders faster and to a consistently high standard. We’ve freed up one person per shift!”

Average order value up, labour costs down with HOP

HOP Vietnamese was bogged down in operational chaos before switching to Vita Mojo. Now, average spend is up 20%, and managing orders from multiple channels in one single view has reduced kitchen labour by 25%:

“Vita Mojo’s innovative technology enabled us to reimagine HOP with lower running costs, higher ATV, and unrivalled customisation for our customers. This is the restaurant model of the future. It’s a real win-win.”

Tech simplicity with The Vurger Co.

The Vurger Co. used separate providers for their POS, digital ordering and kitchen management – as well as managing third-party delivery platforms on separate tablets in the kitchen:

“Our tech stack felt like a patchwork quilt of things that didn’t go together. Having everything digitised and in one place streamlines everything. It’s convenient, makes operations and reporting much easier. We have never looked back!”

Start your growth journey today

We’re on a mission to make life easier for restaurant operators, and help them drive growth even at the most difficult times. With the complete Vita Mojo Operating System, the tools are in your hands to regain control of your operation, and make small miracles happen every day through tech.

Farewell, multiple platforms. See ya, countless logins. Goodbye, tablet hell. 

Hello, Vita Mojo Operating System.