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Created by Operators, Vita Mojo is the all-in-one restaurant management solution built specifically to revolutionise operations.

Wave goodbye to kitchen chaos, and hello to a seamless way to manage your restaurant operations.

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I am Doner: Driving digital adoption to take their brand global

"We’ve waved goodbye to tablet hell. We now have all our delivery partners integrated into Vita Mojo.

We only need one menu push to update all our menus. Orders from all channels come to one screen in the kitchen, making our operations faster and more efficient.

The results are incredible: our throughput is 4x faster and we've seen a 35% increase in ATV ."
I am Doner used self serve kiosks to increase customer spend by 43% with smart upsells and meal deals.
Paul Baron
Founder, I am Doner

Hospitality POS. Reimagined.

I Am Doner modernised their restaurant operations, managing orders across all channels in one fast, reliable and easy-to-use system.

All own and third-party orders now flow directly to a single POS, improving order accuracy, staff efficiency and increasing throughput.

1 staff member freed up per shift

100% orders now taken digitally

35% increase in ATV across all digital ordering channels

4 hours saved per day with delivery integrations

No more tablet hell

Our restaurant management solution transforms your online and off-premise order sources – including delivery networks – into one fast, reliable and easy-to-use system.

KDS Integrations

The ultimate restaurant management partner

Whether you’re looking to elevate your guest experience, transform your efficiency or grow your restaurant, Vita Mojo is the ultimate partner to help you build your digital future.

"Vita Mojo is the future of restaurants. By transforming our ordering methods, it’s freed up labour to the extent that it’s like having one additional employee. During service, we can focus more on customer service and supporting the kitchen team."
I am Doner used self serve kiosks to increase customer spend by 43% with smart upsells and meal deals.
Bridie Fox
Operations Director, I am Doner

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