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Do personalised loyalty right: with
 an omnichannel platform that speaks to 
all your ordering channels.

From our POS, apps, kiosks, click and collect, delivery and ordering channels. Keep customers coming back and drive revenue for your restaurant.
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How leading brands are winning using Vita Mojo

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“We used to work through the night to make menu updates because there was no way to update everything in a simple way during trading hours. We were using three separate, fragmented systems to do what we can do now with just one platform. Moving to one provider has completely changed the game.”

Richard Gilliatt

Digital Brand Manager


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“Vita Mojo’s powerful digital ordering platform and obsessive approach to client success make them an exceptionally valuable partner for 
any restaurant brand”

Hugo Engel
Digital Executive

LEON Kiosk
Crepeaffaire coffee ordering
LEON Kiosk
Omnichannel Loyalty

has arrived
Considering an omnichannel approach?
Explore how Sushi Daily built theirs.
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“We’re excited to launch the world’s first retail omnichannel loyalty programme crossing the in-store, online and Deliveroo points of sale to offer free sushi rewards to our regular customers.”

Romy Miller
Global Brand Director

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Omnichannel Loyalty

Put your restaurant business into growth mode with our tailored solutions

Digital Loyalty

Digital stamp cards and / or tiered points across all digital ordering channels

Omnichannel ordering

One system offering POS, Delivery hub, kiosks, click & collect and more

Self Service Kiosks

51% of customers spend more when ordering on a kiosk thanks to smart upsell.

An all-in-one
...that helps operators run more efficiently, drive revenue and finally crack omnichannel loyalty across your app, kiosks and ordering channels.

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Omnichannel Loyalty

Why restaurants need
Vita Mojo to thrive

Efficiency with a single tech provider

Save time and money with a single provider for all your technology solutions - custom built for the hospitality industry

Keep customers coming back with loyalty

Know what your customers love and keep them coming back for more. Choose from points-based or tiered rewards

Make data led decisions, daily

Customer data and insights across all your touchpoints in one place. Make menu updates once for all channels.

Take control of your omnichannel brand

A branded end-to-end experience across app and ordering channels to drive revenue and increase customer lifetime value

VM Operating System

Centralise all of your restaurant
 needs with Vita Mojo’s complete
 operating system.
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Click & Collect

Allow all of your customers to 
order on the move with Click 
& Collect.
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Delivery Hub

The complete solution to simplify 
operations and run all your delivery 
channels from one platform.
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Kitchen Management

Wave goodbye to kitchen chaos 
with our all-in-one Kitchen 
Management System.
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Operations Hub

In Vita Mojo, all your menus, 
store information and data sits 
side by side.
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Engage, nurture and reward 
customers with a customisable 
loyalty scheme.
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