The bits that make it magic

We know that you’re always looking for new ways to engage your customer base. Our set of cross-channel tools make your digital ordering experience as engaging and rewarding as possible.

Attract, retain and learn

Build a superior customer experience

We believe that digital ordering should augment the customer experience and elevate your customers’ perception of your brand. To achieve this, we provide a set of tools to help you to attract, retain and understand your customers better than ever before. These tools can be added to your ordering channels to help you to increase sales, frequency of visit and customer satisfaction!

The bits that make it magic

Effortless digital ordering experience


Our discount offering allows you to create bespoke promotions - from one time discounts for new customers, to limited time offers, to recurring subscriptions for specific items. You’ll have everything you need to create a buzz and win new customers.


Our points-based loyalty scheme has been designed with flexibility in mind. You have control of the incentives and rewards, allowing you to design your offering from scratch and control the economics - to keep your customers coming back again and again.


Our post-purchase feedback surveys put you in control, allowing you to decide what questions to ask and when to ask them. All feedback, sales and customer data can be accessed in your very own data platform - providing the insights to continually improve your offering.

“The speed of delivery wouldn’t have been possible without an agile approach and close collaboration with Vita Mojo throughout. We launched Order at Table quickly and tested and iterated to refine the experience at an incredible speed.”
Reg Meyer, Head of Technology Solutions

From concept to launch in just six weeks

Digital ordering has boomed over the past year and Nando’s was quick to adapt with a fast rollout of Mobile Order & Pay, Single Sign-on and Loyalty. Now they offer the same great experience for their digital journey as they do with their in-person service. So customers can still get their cheeky Nando’s, just in a way that suits them.

Hospitality magicians

Why operators choose Vita Mojo

Your business is our business

As ex-operators we truly understand what hospitality businesses need. The tech stack we wanted didn’t exist so we decided to build our own.

Hospitality technology you can trust

Trusted by 80+ brands across 1000s of locations. £100million+ worth of transactions are powered by Vita Mojo every month

Impact to your bottom line

Tackle staffing shortages with digital ordering and let your team focus on value-adding activities like hosting. Attract more customers, fulfil more orders and watch your sales grow.

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