Our delivery solutions allow you to take delivery orders directly and to fulfil those orders using your own fleet or through our specialist delivery partner’s network – with options for customer and corporate delivery.

Coco Di Mama delivery ordering presented by Vita Mojo
Coco Di Mama delivery ordering software

The future of delivery

Take control of your own delivery orders

Take control of your own delivery orders and get access to your own customer delivery data. Whether you’re looking to start offering corporate delivery or want to offer a great consumer delivery experience, we provide the tools for you to manage the end to end experience. We offer everything from advanced and ASAP ordering functionality to capacity management, delivery fee and delivery fulfilment management.

Enhance your delivery

Build brand affinity with own branded delivery

Ace your delivery ordering experience

Our image-based menus provide transparency around allergens, nutrition and dietary information, as well as intelligent upsells and recommendations to help ensure your customers find their perfect meal.

Streamlined deliveries

Whether your customers want to order in advance or want their takeaway ASAP, we’ve got you covered. Make the most of capacity management tools and let customers select a timeslot at checkout to ensure you finish their order when they’re expecting it.

Delivery catered for corporate orders

We provide multiple menu, outpost delivery and end of month billing functionalities, as well as delivery cut-off times, so that you and your corporate customers can find the ideal setup.

Coco Di Mama delivery ordering presented by Vita Mojo
“The speed of delivery wouldn’t have been possible without an agile approach and close collaboration with Vita Mojo throughout. We launched Order at Table quickly and tested and iterated to refine the experience at an incredible speed.”
Reg Meyer, Head of Technology Solutions

Using data to create value for customers with personalised experiences

LEON was an early mover in the QSR space, recognising the opportunities of digital ordering even before the pandemic. Their forward-thinking digital approach means they can continue to innovate and deliver a next-level customer and brand experience while building a robust and sustainable restaurant business.

Hospitality magicians

Why operators choose Vita Mojo

Your business is our business

As ex-operators we truly understand what hospitality businesses need. The tech stack we wanted didn’t exist so we decided to build our own.

Hospitality technology you can trust

Trusted by 80+ brands across 1000s of locations. £100million+ worth of transactions are powered by Vita Mojo every month

Impact to your bottom line

Tackle staffing shortages with digital ordering and let your team focus on value-adding activities like hosting. Attract more customers, fulfil more orders and watch your sales grow.

Ready to level up your business with technology?

Build a restaurant of the future with self-serve kiosks

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