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The future of quick-service: smart, customisable and on-brand

Tossed is a quick-service restaurant chain based in London that specialises in ‘healthy and delicious food, made fresh, with love’. Everything is fully-customisable and made-to-order. As masters of digital adoption, Tossed made the move to become fully digital in 2016, making kiosks their main in-store ordering method.

Slick branding with customisation across all ordering channels

Tossed is a true early tech adopter in the hospitality industry. They made kiosks their main in-store ordering method in 2016, long before self-service went mainstream. In the same year, they also became the first cashless restaurant chain in the UK.

They remain fierce advocates of digital innovation and are using their kiosk-led model to build back their business after the impact of COVID-19.

Tick IconDelivering a consistent omnichannel ordering experience

Having a solution that was device agnostic was important for Tossed. So, whether customers place orders though Click & Collect using their phone or tablet or through the kiosks, they see the same menu and the same branding across all channels.

Tick IconOne central place for everything

Using Vita Mojo software, Tossed can now take, fulfil and manage all of their orders, across all of their channels in one central place. Whether orders are placed through Click & Collect, the kiosks or the Point of Sale, they all feed through to the Kitchen Management System. All managed through Vita Mojo.

Tick IconEnhancing the customer journey

Since going digital, Tossed have created a new 'host' role. The host is responsible for greeting customers, offering extra support on kiosks and ensuring delivery drivers collect orders without disrupting the rest of the flow for instore customers.

increase in Click & Collect ATV
increase in Kiosk ATV
of customers customise their order
of Click & Collect orders are repeat customers
Testimonial Icon
“We’re a digital-first business, but we’ve kept human interaction at the heart of everything. We've created a ‘host’ role who is responsible for greeting customers, offering people extra support on kiosks and ensuring delivery drivers collect orders without disrupting the rest of the flow. The host is an incredibly important member of the team – we think of them like the conductor keeping the orchestra in time!”
Testimonial Author
Neil Sebba, Managing Director


The results speak for themselves
Project outcomes and deliverables
Improved customisations
With 66% of customers modifying their order, Tossed needed a solution that offered high-level customisations. Through Vita Mojo software, Tossed can now offer a consistent guest experience with a fully-customisable menu across all of their ordering channels.
Increasing throughput and capacity during peak
With a fully-customisable menu that's made fresh-to-order and a very narrow walk-in footfall window, Tossed struggled to manage speed and capacity during peak periods. By installing kiosks, front-of-house staff can now focus on food preparation, increasing the speed and quality of their order fulfilment.
Simplifying the customer journey
Before digital ordering, the guest experience was often overwhelming with lots of items on the menu board and little time to make a decision during busy lunchtime periods. With kiosks front and centre in each site, customers now have the time and space to order without feeling rushed.

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