The future of fast casual: smart, efficient, and customisable

As HOP Vietnamese accelerated their digital transformation, learn how Vita Mojo helped build this unique restaurant concept the robust, future-proof business model they’re thriving off today.


HOP Vietnamese

Business type

Founded in 2015 by Paul Hopper, HOP Vietnamese brings the fresh, vibrant street food of Vietnam to time-poor London professionals. By 2020 the business was thriving. With the full Vita Mojo tech suite, the brand benefits from greater operational efficiency and reduced running costs.

With a new, fully-customisable and multi-channel menu, HOP has seen a huge uplift in spend. Digital ordering has empowered guests to be the chefs of their own meals, are spending longer browsing the menu and are adding more to their baskets.

The flexibility of a digital menu has allowed HOP to instantly amend its menu, trial new sides for upsell and switch on promotions in a bid to drive more sales. 

HOP’s digital transformation has resulted in a reduction in labour costs. The teams role has been greatly simplified and the restaurant as a whole is able to run more efficiently. In the kitchen, HOP has seen efficiencies go through the roof. Orders feed into one system, making them much easier to manage while also significantly reducing food waste. 

Most importantly, HOP has used digital to elevate the guest experience. Guests love the convenience of being able to order, pay and collect their food within just 5 minutes.

As ATV increases and labour costs decrease, HOP finds itself in a fantastic position for growth. In January 2023, HOP saw three consecutive record weeks for throughput and sales. The brand wanted to ensure its digital overhaul could at least match its old throughput of c.250 customers per hour. Now, HOP’s latest London Wall restaurant is achieving over 300 per hour thanks to tech and the well thought through customer journey layout.

HOP’s forward-thinking digital approach and commitment to innovation has resulted in next-level customer experiences and a truly efficient restaurant operation.

“Vita Mojo’s innovative technology enabled us to reimagine HOP with lower running costs, higher ATV, and unrivalled customisation for our customers. This is the restaurant model of the future. It’s a real win-win.”
Paul Hopper

The results speak for themselves

Project outcomes and deliverables

Improved kitchen capacity

Customers can now order in advance and choose a specific time slot for collection. This enables the kitchen to better manage capacity and means customers collect their food quickly, easily and safely.

Personalised experience

Using Vita Mojo’s functionality to add a “build your own” option, HOP customers can now customise the menu to their personal preferences, driving up ATV.

Empowered with data

By creating an integrated data ecosystem, HOP now has more business intelligence and customer insights than ever before! The key to driving their strategy and marketing efforts.

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