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Fast-food chain I am Doner uses Vita Mojo’s fully integrated Order Management System to create an efficient labour model, reduce operational complexity and increase ATV. Find out how one platform helps them increase order sizes by 35% while freeing up one staff member per shift.


I am Doner

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Increasing ATV by 35% with Kiosks and Click & Collect

In 2016, fast-food chain, I am Doner started a kebab revolution from their small takeaway shop in Leeds. Since opening their doors, they’ve expanded to three sites in Leeds and Harrogate and have taken the revolution global with the launch of further sites in Dubai in 2022.

Eager to stay ahead of the curve, founder Paul Baron partnered with Vita Mojo in 2019 to kickstart the company’s digital transformation. Previously relying on their POS and website to take orders, the painstaking task of manually entering all website and third-party delivery orders into their POS took up staff member’s precious time and left a lot of room for error. Installing Vita Mojo’s Order Management System provided the I am Doner team with one platform, unifying all POS, digital and delivery partner orders with an integrated Kitchen Management and Reporting solution. Leaving the brand and its customers with a connected, consistent and branded multi-channel powerhouse.

Manage orders across all channels on one single platform

All orders across all channels now flow directly to I am Doner's POS, improving order accuracy, staff efficiency and increasing throughput.

On brand, everywhere

I am Doner’s bold and colourful brand is front and centre. Customers get the same great experience across all ordering channels.

Fuelling growth and scalability

The Order Management System gives I am Doner the tech flexibility to try new initiatives, test new menu items and scale across new sites, channels and markets.

“Self-order kiosks are the future of fast-food restaurants. By making them our main in-store ordering method, it’s freed up labour to the extent that it’s like having one additional employee.”
Bridie Fox, Operations Director
I Am Doner

The results speak for themselves

Project outcomes and deliverables

Smarter, more efficient staffing model

With 100% of in-store orders now going through kiosks, staff can focus on providing great food and customer service. The team now takes and fulfils more orders than ever.

Improved staff and customer satisfaction

Vita Mojo's delivery integration sends orders directly to the POS, meaning staff no longer have to manually input orders. With Just Eat accounting for more than 40% of all orders, We've helped I am Doner improve order accuracy and saved the team a huge amount of time.

Increased digital adoption and order value

Digital ordering has enabled I am Doner to increase customer spend by 35% with smart upsells and meal deals. Meals deals increased sales of two dishes from 3% to 40% in just one month.

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