How LEON drove digital ordering adoption to 95%

LEON was an early mover in the QSR space. Their forward-thinking digital approach means they continue to innovate and deliver a next-level customer and brand experiences while building a robust and sustainable restaurant business.

LEON storefront

In January 2020, LEON transformed its restaurant operations, creating an omnichannel digital ordering process to maximise its reach and ensure the guest journey is one to remember. LEON offered guests new ways to order and pay trialling Kiosks, Click & Collect, and Mobile Order & Pay across various locations.

The use of upsells on their menu has increased penetration of menu categories like sides and drinks and transaction time has been sped up so they can accept a higher number of orders with ease. Team members no longer have to worry about remembering to upsell a side or drink in busy periods and if a site is short-staffed on day, Kiosks are on hand to take orders while available staff members can be redeployed to where they’re needed most. 

LEON’s new set up takes every customer into consideration. With an integrated digital ordering platform, omnichannel loyalty and subscriptions have become a reality for LEON, enabling a more personalised journey for its customers.

For the digital savvy consumer, digital ordering is a convenient, readily-available option. However LEON understands it’s not for everyone, and still offers service and cash transactions for those who prefer the traditional approach. No channels have been removed, only added to and improved

LEON’s forward-thinking digital approach and focus on collaboration has been key in their growth and means they can continue to deliver on their mission for everyone to eat well, and live well. In partnership with Vita Mojo, they continue to innovate and test new ways to deliver a customer and brand experience that is next-level while building a robust and sustainable restaurant business.

“Vita Mojo’s powerful digital ordering platform and obsessive approach to client success make them an exceptionally valuable partner for any restaurant brand.”
Hugo Engel
LEON Restaurants

The results speak for themselves

Project outcomes and deliverables

Data and insights with every transaction

Multiple digital ordering channels now feed into LEON’s fully integrated data ecosystem, enriching their strategic view of customers, sales, stock, and operations.

Seamless integration with existing systems

Vita Mojo’s technology works seamlessly with Adyen for payment, Deliverect for orders, Centegra for EPOS, Airship for CRM, and Toggle for gift cards.

6000+ new LEON Club members

Vita Mojo worked with LEON to launch its new unlimited coffee subscription. We continue to power their coffee and vegan subscriptions in partnership with Chargebee.

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