Using intelligent menu design to increase revenue

Home to ‘the best burger in London’, Bleecker’s commitment to serving next-level burgers using the best ingredients has won the brand a cult following. Find out how this operator uses intelligent menu design to boost sales of their highest margin menu items. 

Bleecker’s kitchens are small and compact, and the team rotates between serving customers, preparing food, packing orders and back to serving guests. Staff need to operate neatly and efficiently to allow the kitchen team to excel, consistently delivering the highest quality food  the brand is known for.

As demand grew and its kitchens got busier, Bleecker was looking for a way to improve efficiency and maximise revenue from every transaction. Bleecker turned to Vita Mojo to streamline operations, installing Kiosks and Click & Collect for a more efficient way to manage and fulfil orders during peak periods. 

With the introduction of these digital ordering channels, guests are presented with a new way to browse the menu, within an intuitive UI full of high-quality images of the mouth-watering menu. Bleecker is able to use intelligent menu design to iterate its menu, maximise sales and make updates across all its sites at the click of a button.

Bleecker identified milkshakes as a special menu item, and with the highest margin they wanted to make them more prominent to guests on its new digital ordering channels. The brand highlighted its shakes by putting them front and centre on their kiosks with tempting imagery that guests couldn’t resist. 

In addition to the shakes, Bleecker added fries and sauces as upsells to their burgers, and also introduced the items as basket recommendations to guests depending on their orders, to ensure the full experience.

As a result of these changes, Bleecker quickly saw significant uplifts across all categories and their highest number of weekly milkshake sales ever.

“As a smaller, independent brand it’s great to have Vita Mojo on board to help keep our menu looking and working the best it can. Our guest experience has improved thanks to digital ordering as our kitchens can now focus on what we are known for - best in class burgers, fries and shakes. The branding looks amazing and the guest journey is slick and straightforward.”
Liam O'Keefe, Brand Director

The results speak for themselves

Project outcomes and deliverables

Support every step of the way

With support from a dedicated account manager, Bleecker is able to review their data and identify improvements to keep the brand making the most of the platform, growing ATV and improving efficiency.

Menus that deliver

Bleecker can put a spotlight on menu items and grow basket sizes like never before. The use of upsells, basket recommendations and marketing capabilities helps the brand boost sales.

Next level guest experiences

With descriptions, allergen and dietary information, guests have everything they need in front of them and don’t need to feel intimidated asking a member of staff for more info.

The power of one platform

Vita Mojo has all the tools you need to grow sales and ATV, run your restaurant more efficiently and elevate your customer experience. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

Vita Mojo Order Management System

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